2009 Ford F-250 shipped from Missouri to Montana

Tom Spraggins bought a 2009 Ford F-250 from a dealership in Montgomery City, MO, and wanted it shipped to him in Lewiston, MT. Thanks to previous business associations with J&S, he knew who he wanted to get it to him.

“I did a car search on the web and found a 2009 Ford F250 at a dealership in Montgomery City, MO,” says Tom. “I bought it and need it sent to me in Lewiston, MT.”

“I’ve dealt with J&S through previous business associations and the local dealerships up here like Sparks Chevrolet. They’ve used J&S as well.”

“I just Googled J&S, went to their website, and booked the order online.The website was easy to use.”

The experience from beginning to end was very good. I would recommend J&S because of their service. J&S were good to work with and did everything they said they would.

Hassle free nationwide auto transport with J&S!

J&S Transportation will:

  • Provide Door-to-door service whenever possible
  • Always let you know where your vehicle is during transport
  • Transport your vehicle safely and quickly
  • Transport your vehicle on our trucks whenever possible

You can relax as we stay in touch:

  • You will get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of the dispatchers so you have a personal contact
  • You will be e-mailed or called to update the status of your vehicle, from the day you book online to delivery.
  • Your vehicle will be tracked throughout the shipping process with GPS tracking systems in our trucks

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