How do I prepare to move my car

“I need to move my car, but I don’t know what to do.”

Not to worry. You’re not the first person to have this problem.

First, you should decide when you want to ship the car and where you are going to move it to and from. Second, do some research into interstate car transport companies. Finally, get an interstate car transport quote and decide which company you want use. After you choose the auto hauler, prepare your car to be shipped.

Here’s a short list of steps you can take to make your life a little easier and make your vehicle hauling experience a hassle-free one.

  • Make sure you have insurance. Your car insurance company may cover your car while in transit. Check with your auto insurance company to verify whether your car insurance applies during auto transport or not. Any damage caused by the transporter is covered by their insurance. Acts of god or nature such as hail damage will need to be covered by your insurance company.
  • Wash the car. This makes doing a condition report much easier. You may also want to take pictures (and date them) of the vehicle before shipping it.
  • Make sure to give a set of keys to the car delivery service. They’ll need them to get your car on and off the auto hauler. It’s always good to keep a set and give a spare key to the car shipping company.
  • Remove any personal items from your car. You can leave personal items in the vehicle, but we don’t recommend it. Shut off or disable the car alarm and give alarm instructions to the vehicle shipping company. You don’t want to 1) have a driver have to deal with a screaming car with no way to shut it off and 2) have a dead battery when your car is delivered to you. Also, if you have a radar detector or an automatic toll reader, turn them off as well.
  • Leave only about 1/8th tank of gas or less in the vehicle. This will save quite a bit of weight for the transporter.
  • Make sure the battery is charged, the tires are inflated properly, top off all fluids in the vehicle and let the driver know if there are any leaks. If there are leaks, the driver needs to know so he places the car on the bottom row of the auto hauler.
  • Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items from your car such as ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, racks (luggage, bike, ski), etc. If you have wide mirrors, fold them back and lower or remove/retract the antennae.
  • If your car is a convertible, make sure the top is up. Seal any holes or tears to prevent damage from the wind. If you can’t raise the top, you should cover it with a secure fitting tarp that can resist high winds.

By following these simple steps, you will be that much closer to the successful completion of you auto hauling experience.

move my car

A J&S transport trailer loaded up with trucks and cars on the way to their new owners.

Hassle free nationwide auto transport

J&S Transportation will:

  • Provide Door-to-door service whenever possible
  • Always let you know where your vehicle is during transport
  • Transport your vehicle safely and quickly
  • Transport your vehicle on our trucks whenever possible

You can relax as we stay in touch:

  • You will get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of the dispatchers so you have a personal contact
  • You will be e-mailed or called to update the status of your vehicle, from the day you book online to delivery.
  • Your vehicle will be tracked throughout the shipping process with GPS tracking systems in our trucks

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Examples of vehicle shipments:

Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$1031 June 25 Athol, ID Ashburn, VA Car
$1832 June 20 Buckeye, AZ Ashburn, VA Large SUV / Truck
$615 June 12 Ashburn, VA Waycross, GA Car

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