Idaho Auto Transport Information

How to choose the right auto transport company for you

Looking for Idaho auto transport information? Find out how to make an informed decision when looking for the right car delivery service to ship your car to or from Idaho.

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How to choose the right auto transport company for you

A car is not only an expensive asset, it is an invaluable part of most peoples’ daily lives. When you are without your car the inconvenience and lack of mobility can seriously impact your routine and livelihood. When you have to transport your vehicle you need the company you’ve entrusted to ship your car to live up to their promise.

How does the vehicle transport process work?

The first step is to get an auto transport quote. Do some research. Is the quote for door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal? Many auto transport companies hide that their quotes are for terminal-to-terminal service and will add to the quote if you want door-to-door service.

Next, determine if the company you are researching is an auto transport broker who will pass your vehicle shipping order off to a third party, or an actual auto transport carrier who will handle your car hauling order from beginning to end.

And make sure you get a thorough vehicle condition report when your car is picked up AND dropped off.

idaho car transport interstate

One of Idaho’s many scenic river valleys

Idaho auto transport information

Shipping cars in and out of Idaho is part of daily life at J&S Transportation. We’ve been active in Idaho for the last 10 years. We service all of Idaho from eastern Idaho to the northern Idaho panhandle, basically the whole state on a weekly basis.Of the 235,000 vehicles we’ve shipped on our own trucks, many route through beautiful Idaho. Get Idaho auto transport quotes and place your order securely with J & S Transportation. You’ve found a reliable car transporter to deliver your vehicle.

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Doug DeGrange

Boise area auctions

Our rep, Doug DeGrange, is at Brasher’s Auto Auction, in Boise, which is held every Thursday, and Dealer’s Auto Auction in Nampa, Idaho, which is held on Wednesdays every week. We deliver and pick up vehicles at these auctions week in and week out.

Great dealership relationships

In addition to auctions, J&S has great relationships with car dealerships throughout Idaho. We deliver and pick up freight for many dealerships including Mountain Home Auto Ranch of Mountain Home, Peterson Stampede Dodge, Dan Wiebold Ford and Tom Scott Toyota & Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, Volkswagen Audi Boise; Larry Miller Honda and Larry Miller Dodge in Boise; Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Lewiston, Knudtsen Chevrolet of Post Falls and Parker Toyota of Coeur d’Alene.

Servicing independent car dealers

J&S also works with many independent and used car dealers like TC Motors, Ozzy’s Car Company, and, Alic Motors in Boise, Idaho, to name a few.

Idaho vehicle hauling

Idaho state capital in Boise

Private vehicle transport

Privately owned vehicle deliveries and pickups for individuals and specialty dealers are a large part of J&S’s auto transport business in Idaho. One of our big POV clients is Ross’ Valley Auto Sales in Boise, which buys and sells classic and collectible cars for collectors and classic car people. We have done the majority of his deliveries and pickups to and from the 11 Western states.

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Todd Neal

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Shirley Vanning

Idaho auto transport routes

If you reside in Idaho, you know the main interstates are I-84, I-86, I-95, I-15, and I-90. You’ll often see J&S’s fleet of vehicles on these thoroughfares, but we also service areas that aren’t on the main highways. Towns like Bonners Ferry, Hayden or Sandpoint may be off the beaten path, but we can do it. If we need help we may network those smaller towns, but we do what we have to do to serve those areas. We have two reps, Todd Neal and Shirley Vanning, at Dealers Auto Auction in Spokane, but they also serve the northern Idaho panhandle area. They are J&S’s Spokane reps, but they also do a lot of work in Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and in the more remote areas north of Interstate 90.

Idaho auto hauling

Lake Coeur d’Alene

Boise and beyond

J&S is all over Idaho delivering and picking up vehicles every week. From the Boise Valley which includes Nampa, Boise, Caldwell, Meridian and Mountain Home to towns in southern Idaho like Burley and Twin Falls, to Pocatello, Rexburg, Idaho Falls and Blackfoot in eastern Idaho to towns like Lewiston and Moscow in western Idaho and up to the Idaho panhandle, where we serve towns like Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene; we cover the whole state. J&S Transportation has the ability and know-how to get your vehicle delivered affordably and on time throughout Idaho and nationwide.

Door-to-door service

J&S Transportation does door-to-door auto transport as often as possible, however, our trucks are not allowed in some residential areas. In that instance J&S Transportation and our drivers will arrange a convenient and safe location with you for pickup of your vehicle. Some towns are difficult, but we have never told anybody we can’t haul your vehicle.

In the instance of a car being in a very difficult location, we offer a few options and prices for the client. We will definitely go up to their location and meet the customer in a convenient area. We want to make it easier for them. 100%. Customer service is what J&S is all about.

Instant quotes other vehicle owners are getting into and out of Idaho

Recent quotes from Idaho StateTestimonials from our customers
Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$1127 September 21 Boise, ID Boulder, CO Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$586 September 14 Boise, ID Seattle, WA Car
$2628 September 13 Nampa, ID Valley Glen, CA Truck / Large SUV
$2628 September 09 Nampa, ID Valley Glen, CA Truck / Large SUV
$1546 September 09 Nampa, ID Valley Glen, CA Truck / Large SUV
$1991 September 08 Idaho Falls, ID Hollywood, FL Car
$1092 September 03 Emmett, ID Denver, CO Car
$1281 September 01 San Diego, CA Meridian, ID Car
$1798 August 31 Milwaukee, WI Athol, ID Car
$940 August 30 Stockton, CA Meridian, ID Car
$767 August 29 Twin Falls, ID Fallon, NV Truck / Large SUV
$1964 August 24 Boise, ID Houston, TX Truck / Large SUV
$940 August 21 Stockton, CA Meridian, ID Car
$1178 August 19 Twin Falls, ID Thornton, CO Truck / Large SUV
$2347 August 14 Virginia Beach, VA Idaho Falls, ID Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan

Excellent customer service

 auto transport quotes

Time lapse traffic photo of beautiful downtown Boise

One option is we will do it for the rate quoted on the website because we honor what we quote, but it’s going to take a little longer simply because the client lives in a very difficult town. Auto transporters don’t usually go through towns like Sandpoint. For towns like that we have a couple of options. We can contact the customer and let them know the closest time when we’re going to be in the area; whether we’re going through Kellogg, Post Falls, or Coeur d’Alene. It may take us a little time to get to them, but we will pick up from and deliver to those towns.

Another option could be to have the customer transport their car to someplace along the route we’re going to be transporting. In that case, we’ll store it in one of our city yards and pick it up from there. Or, for example, if they live in Sandpoint and were coming down to Spokane or Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, possibly Kellogg, we could meet them there. We’ll work that out with the customer, but bottom line in customer service is to accommodate our clients and we’ll do what we need to do. It’s all about communication and working things out with the customers. We have trucks in and out of Coeur d’Alene often and this would significantly speed up the transport of the vehicle and reduce the cost.

Idaho car hauling

A bridge over the Snake River in Idaho

Straight talk. Honest dealings

Idaho is an important area for J&S, and we have a lot of repeat business there. You hear it all the time from folks, “you moved a car for us a year ago,” and they remember how well we performed for them. Customers say that our communication is excellent, our follow up is great and our website is practical and easy to use. If problems do arise they are impressed with our communication and follow through more than anything else.

There’s a million ways to make the customer feel comfortable, and J&S will work with the client to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution to whatever scenario arises.

The bottom line is when a client books a piece of freight, we need to get to moving ASAP. J&S does this day in and day out. We know the right questions to ask. We know the auto transport industry because we are an auto transporter. We are not just a broker.

Our Mission

What we’re trying to accomplish is obviously to provide phenomenal customer service, safe and quick delivery, and open and honest communication at a fair price to everybody. There’s a million ways to make the customer feel comfortable, and J&S will work with the client to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution to whatever scenario arises.

When you book with J&S we will:

  • Provide Door-to-door service, not terminal-to-terminal
  • Provide accurate vehicle condition reports at pickup and delivery
  • Transport your vehicle safely and quickly

Honest communication. Prompt replies.

  • You will get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of the dispatchers so you have a personal contact
  • We will e-mail or call you to update the status of your order
  • We will be able to track your vehicle throughout the shipping process with GPS tracking systems in our trucks
  • We will let you know what’s going on from pickup to delivery of your vehicle

Our courteous and friendly dispatchers compliment our experienced and professional drivers which makes working with J&S pleasant and hassle-free. Get a free interstate auto transport quote and let us prove to you not all auto transport companies are the same. J&S Transportation stands above the rest.