All-inclusive car auto transport

From City to City

with a company that in the last 18 years transported over 236,000 cars

Why to choose J&S Transport?

"Life is too short to deal with uncertainties that most brokers offer"

"The car was picked up ahead of when estimated and got to the destination in record time"

"I like the simplicity of booking a transport with them, how fast and easy it was."

"Had a lot of communication between J&S and the actual driver"

FAQ: Things to know before shipping your car

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Car transport cost is determined by distance and size of vehicle. The farther the transport, the more it will cost. The larger the vehicle, the more it costs to ship a car.

What is included in the quoted price?

Our quote is all inclusive. There are no hidden fees or charges. Insurance is included.

What is door-to-door service?

Our quote is all inclusive. There are no hidden fees or charges. Insurance is included.

What is included in the quoted price?

We will try to deliver your vehicle as close to your address as possible. Some residential neighborhoods have local ordinances and weight restrictions which don't allow large commercial vehicles in the area. In that case, we will coordinate with you to pick a nearby convenient location that is well lit and safe for you and our driver.

FAQ: Things to know during and after car shipping process

How to prepare for an auto transport?

The best thing to do is wash your car to make it easier to do the vehicle condition report. Your vehicle cannot have any obvious fluid leaks; it must have functional brakes, properly-inflated tires, and keys. We also recommend that you leave a quarter tank of fuel in the vehicle.

Can I track my vehicle during transit?

J&S Transportation has satellite tracking systems on all of our trucks, we can pin point their exact location during normal business hours. If we use an outside carrier to help transport your vehicle, we can contact them and get the specific location of their driver at your request.

Advanced notice for delivery time and date

Our drivers will call you when they are a day out to let you know their approximate ETA. They will also call you a couple hours prior to their arrival to make arrangements.

Vehicle Inspection upon delivery

You and our driver will do a vehicle inspection to verify the condition of the vehicle at pickup and delivery. You or your representative must be present at time of pickup and delivery and are responsible for signing the condition report at both ends.

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