Portland auto transport information

Looking for Portland auto transport information? Find out how to make an informed decision when looking for the right car transport service to ship your car to or from the Portland area.

The Portland Aerial Tram offers a unique way to see the city

Auto transport in and out of the Portland area, Willamette Valley, and all of Oregon is part of daily life at J&S Transportation. Of the 235,000 vehicles we’ve shipped on our own trucks, many have come in and out of beautiful Oregon. You’ve found a reliable auto hauler to deliver your vehicle.

Portland Auto Transport Routes

For the Portland metro area, there are 5 major thoroughfares in and out of town.

Interstate 5
Interstate 84
Interstate 205
Highway 26
Highway 30

Our auto shipment trucks utilize these corridors and other routes to transport vehicles quickly and safely in the Portland area, the Willamette Valley, and throughout all of Oregon.

Understanding Roads Near Neighborhoods in Portland

Most residential areas don’t allow big trucks on the road and many commercial areas in the interior of the city won’t allow big trucks either. If you’re trying to get your car shipped into or out of Portland, depending on the neighborhood, there will be certain areas that are better for drop-off or pickup than others.

North West Portland

This area is most easily accessed via Highway 30.


Forest Park
Northwest Heights
Sylvan Highlands
Hillside/ Kings Heights
Downtown Portland
Arlington Heights
Goose Hollow
Nob Hill/ Northwest District
Pearl District
Old Town Chinatown

North Portland

Here you’ll find the I-5 Bridge between Oregon and Washington as a part of Interstate 5. Other major roads running through this area include Highway 120 and Highway 99E.

Vancouver, WA is right across the river.


University Park
Arbor Lodge
Cathedral Park
Hayden Island
St. Johns
East Columbia

North East Portland

Interstate 205 runs through the entire East side of Portland from North-South, but this part of Portland is closest to the I-205 Bridge.


Grant Park
Sullivan’s Gulch
Rose City Park
Madison South

East Portland

This area of Portland is most easily accessed via I-205 (North-South), or Highways 26 and 30 (East-West). Gresham, OR lies to the East off Highway 26.


Pleasant Valley (borders Happy Valley, OR to the South)
Powellhurst Gilbert
Mill Park

South East Portland

Interstate 205 leaves Portland through here. Milwaukie, OR lies to the South off Highway 99E.


North Tabor
Mt. Tabor
Hosford Abernathy
South Tabor
Mount Scott-Arleta

South West Portland

Interstate 5 is the best option to go North-South here. Highway 26 continues West towards Beaverton, OR. To the South, you’ll find Tigard, OR.


Southwest Hills/ Portland Heights
Healy Heights
Collins View
Far Southwest
Arnold Creek
South Portland
South Burlingame
West Portland Park
Marshall Park

Waterfront Park in Portland along the Willamette River

Portland and the Willamette Valley

The biggest area of operations for J&S in Oregon is the Portland metro area. It stretches from Vancouver, WA, in the North; Beaverton in the West, Gresham in the East, and Tualatin in the South. The Portland metro area also includes the Willamette Valley, where you can find Eugene, Salem, and Corvallis. This is the most populated part of Oregon and has the most cars. The bulk of J&S’s business is in this part of Oregon.

Another reason J&S does a lot of business in the Portland area is the Port of Portland, the third largest auto import gateway in the country. Many vehicles come into the port and need to be delivered to dealerships, rental agencies and auto auctions in Portland, the Willamette Valley, and throughout Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain West.

The Portland, OR, skyline with Mt. Hood in the background

Portland Auto Auctions

You may be buying a car from one of these local auctions, but even if you’re not, this can be helpful to you. An auto auction represents a public place that J&S Transportation trucks will be driving to anyways, within the metro area of Portland.

This means if you have a vehicle that you need to drop off for transport, or an incoming vehicle you need to pickup, one of these two auto auctions in Portland would be an easy drop-off point to get to, for both you and our driver.

J&S does a lot of business out of Manheim Auto Auction and Crosspoint NW Auto Auction, both of which operate in Portland. This is a pretty common area for us, so we’ll have trucks at one or both of these auctions on a consistent basis. We pick up from and deliver vehicles to these auctions week in and week out.
Portland Car Dealers

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle in the Portland area, J&S Transportation has cultivated strong working relationships with a number of car dealerships throughout the Portland area over the years.

The Dick Hannah Dealerships, with locations in Portland and Vancouver, WA, are some of our earliest customers. We now also deliver vehicles for JB Motor Company, LB Auto Sales, LHM Fleet Lease, and Bobby’s Auto Sales; as well as The Kendall Auto Group and Lithia Auto Stores within Portland.
Here you can see a complete list of the car dealers we serve in Oregon with auto transportation. This list also shows the car rental agencies we work with throughout Oregon.

Union Station in Portland

Instant quotes other vehicle owners are getting into and out of Portland

Recent quotes from Portland StateTestimonials from our customers
Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$1237 September 30 Portland, ME Charleston, SC Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1139 September 30 Mount Vernon, WA Portland, OR Car
$1838 September 29 Portland, OR Chester, VA Car
$615 September 20 Meridian, ID Portland, OR Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$2216 September 11 Portland, OR Dallas, TX Cargo Van / XL Truck (450, 4500)
$2695 September 11 Portland, OR Cleveland, OH Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1585 September 07 Portland, OR Cleveland, OH Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1821 September 05 Nampa, ID Portland, OR Truck / Large SUV
$1071 September 02 Nampa, ID Portland, OR Truck / Large SUV
$1990 September 02 Portland, OR Utica, MI Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$593 September 01 Meridian, ID Portland, OR Car
$1985 September 01 Carmel, IN Portland, OR Car
$1524 August 29 Portland, OR Dallas, TX Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1621 August 12 Portland, OR Houston, TX Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$852 August 12 Bozeman, MT Portland, OR Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan

Understanding Auto Transport

There are two kinds of auto transportation companies. Auto haulers (also known as car transporters), and auto transport brokers sound alike, but there are some very important differences.

Curious about J&S Transport? We’ve worked hard to provide an auto transport experience that’s reliable, prompt, and competitively priced. Find out why it’s worth it to book your order with J&S.
You can do additional research with our full library of auto transport FAQs. There are helpful things to know before shipping your car, as well as things to know during and after the car shipping process.
J&S Is the Best Choice for Your Portland Auto Transport Needs

J&S is very familiar with auto shipping in the Portland area. First and foremost, not only does J&S have its own trucks in and out of Portland on a regular basis, but we also have a network of partner companies that we can use if we can’t move your vehicle in a timely manner.

The second thing is, we won’t mislead you. We’ll be open and honest about a pick up time, a delivery time, and everything in between. A top priority of J&S Transportation is open and honest communication.

J&S has been transporting vehicles into and out of Portland and all of Oregon for over 10 years and covers the whole state. We’ve hauled vehicles from Bend all the way out to Coos Bay on the coast, down South to Medford, and up to La Grande and Baker City. We’re in Oregon on weekly basis. We have a lot of clientele in and out of there.

Our business in Oregon has been increasing thanks to our straightforward communication, our integrity, and our competitive rates. We do what we say we’re going to do.