Shipping a car to California

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Transport Tips

Shipping a car to California

Will you be shipping a car to California in the near future? The Golden State is home to American mainstays: Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, Venice Beach, some of the most beautiful beaches and mountain. From the huge metropolises of Los Angeles and San Francisco, to the agricultural communities in the San Joaquin Valley, to the mountain towns of the northern part of the state, California features a huge and diverse mix of towns/large cities. Thousands, if not millions of people relocate to California each year and it’s easy to see why.

There are many reasons you may need to transport a car to California. Maybe you purchased a car online from a private party or a dealership in another state. Perhaps you’re moving across country for a new job. Maybe you want to send a car to a relative or as a gift, or maybe your kid is heading off to college in California and you want them to have a vehicle. Or you may be heading to the Golden State to escape the cold weather of winter in the northern parts of the western United States.

Shipping a vehicle across the country can be costly, but if you weigh that against flying to pick up a car and the time and expense involved in driving it home, it is often worth it. Therefore, California auto transport is often the most economical choice. And transporting a car to California is often less stressful then making a cross-country road trip yourself.

Shipping a car to california

If you're moving to the Golden State, get a free quote and book your auto transport order with J&S!

Find a good transporter to ship your car to California

Once you start looking for California auto transport, you’ll find there are tons of auto transport companies out there. It can be difficult to spot the good ones. As you make your shipper choice, we strongly recommend you do thorough research, including reading online reviews.

Customer feedback helps you make an informed decision in choosing a car delivery service and finding a reputable auto hauler to transport a car to California is actually not that difficult.
In fact, if you’ll follow these steps, they’ll help you find a good auto transporter wherever you need to transport a car!

  1. Get online and get quotes from a few different car transporters
  2. Research the company. Check customer review sites like or
  3. Check their rating with the BBB.
  4. Check with the FMCSA to see their safety ratings. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration maintains a hotline for consumers to check on a shipper’s license and insurance record as well as whether any complaints have been made about the company.
  5. Choose your company and book your auto transport order.

Regardless of whom you call, talk to at least a couple shippers and see which one gives you the best vibe, along with a competitive price.

Be Prepared To Wait

Book your order as far in advance as possible. Don’t book your car transport order and expect the car to be picked up the next day. It’ll take a few days at least to arrange transport, and then a couple more days before your vehicle will be picked up.

Shipping a vehicle isn’t like shipping a package: It won’t happen overnight. Depending on where the vehicle is picked up from, shipping a car to California can take anywhere from a couple days up to about 3 weeks. J&S delivers most vehicles with 14 days.

shipping a car to california

J&S will get your car transported to California safely and quickly!

Cost to ship a car to California

The two main factors in auto shipping costs are the size of the vehicle and the distance of the transport. Basically, the bigger the vehicle and the farther the transport, the higher the cost will be. Head over to our quote calculator and see how much it will cost to ship your car to California!

Shipping a car to California: How to prepare

  • Leave only 1/8 tank of fuel in the vehicle.
  • Wash your car! This makes it much easier to do the vehicle condition report.
  • Check all fluids in your car and try to repair any leaks before the vehicle is picked up.
  • Make sure your vehicle is operable, had good tires and working brakes. If the car is not operable, there is often an additional charge.
  • Remove all ornaments (roof racks, spoilers, antenna, etc) from the exterior of the car.
  • Turn off alarms and remove toll tags and EZ passes from windshields so you don’t rack up charges.
  • Remove all personal belongings but leave behind a spare tire and jack, just in case.

J&S has been shipping cars across the country for over 15 years. We’re primarily a car transporter with our own fleet of trucks, but we’re also a licensed broker.
This means we have the know-how and the flexibility to meet your auto transport needs and to get your car transported safely and quickly!
We’ve put years of hard work into making open communication with our customers as easy as possible. And our commitment to customer service has helped us earn an awesome reputation.