Washington auto transport information

If you’re in Washington, you know there’s two major thoroughfares in and out of the state.

Our auto shipment trucks utilize the two main corridors of I-90, which offers access to Seattle, Ellensburg, Moses Lake and Spokane, and I-5, which has Vancouver, Olympia, Tacoma and Bellingham along the main artery.

Looking for Washington state Auto transport quotes? Find out how to make an informed decision when looking for the right car delivery service to ship your car to or from Washington state.

How to choose the right auto transport company for you

A car is not only an expensive asset, it is an invaluable part of most peoples’ daily lives. When you are without your car the inconvenience and lack of mobility can seriously impact your routine and livelihood.
When you have to transport your vehicle you need the car transport service you’ve entrusted to move your car to live up to their promise.

How does the vehicle transport process work?

The first step is to get an auto transport quote. Do some research. Is the quote for door-to-door service or terminal-to-terminal? Many companies hide that their quotes are for terminal-to-terminal service and will add to the quote if you want door-to-door service.

Next, determine if the company you are researching is an auto transport broker who will pass your vehicle shipping order off to a third party, or an actual auto transport carrier who will handle your vehicle hauling order from beginning to end.

And make sure you get a thorough vehicle condition report when your car is picked up AND dropped off.

Washington auto transport

Washington State Ferry on Puget Sound at sunset in Edmonds Washington

Washington auto transport routes

Auto transport in and out of Washington state is part of daily life at J&S Transportation. Of the 235,000 vehicles we’ve shipped on our own trucks, many route through beautiful Washington state. You’ve found a reliable auto hauler to ship your vehicle.

“J&S runs a lot of trucks in and out of Washington,” says Scott Chesarek, J&S Transportation co-founder. “We rep three different auto auctions in Washington, two in Seattle – Manheim South Seattle Auction, which is in Kent, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, and Seattle Auto Auction in Auburn, Washington, another suburb of Seattle – and one in Spokane, Dealers Auto Auction Northwest.”

“Our trucks are in there weekly to haul the freight we get at those auctions which means we are helping deliver cars and trucks to dealerships and individuals all over Washington and in nearby states like Idaho and Oregon,” Scott adds. “Washington car dealers will come to these auctions to stock their lots or fulfill sales orders, and they count on us to get their vehicles delivered quickly and safely.”

Car movers

The beautiful countryside in Washington state

Tri-cities area auto shipping

J&S has a lot of customers, both individuals and dealers, in Washington, not only in the major cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Vancouver and Tacoma, but we have customers who rely on us in Ellensburg, WA and Moses Lake, WA, as well as the Tri-Cities region of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick.

The Tri-Cities area is a huge car town. There are a lot of dealers there and they are very flexible. They can go to Seattle, Spokane or Boise to buy. We have a ton of auto transport trucks going in and out of the Tri- Cities. We also have a lot of customers in Walla Walla, Washington, and then there’s a lot of traffic that comes down from Canada in the Bellingham, WA, area.

Door-to-door auto shipping

J&S Transportation does door-to-door auto shipment service as often as possible, however, our trucks are not allowed in some residential areas. In that instance J&S Transportation and our drivers will arrange a convenient and safe location with you for pickup of your vehicle. Some towns are difficult, but we have never told anybody we can’t haul your vehicle.

Instant quotes other vehicle owners are getting into and out of Washington

Recent quotes from Washington StateTestimonials from our customers
Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$915 September 24 Puyallup, WA Riverside, CA Car
$1960 September 20 Port Orchard, WA Indianapolis, IN Car
$1498 September 16 Seattle, WA Bedford, TX Car
$3413 September 16 Seattle, WA Anchorage, AK Cargo Van / XL Truck (450, 4500)
$2198 September 09 Valleyford, WA Port Hueneme, CA Truck / Large SUV
$586 September 07 Boise, ID Seattle, WA Car
$2162 September 02 Tacoma, WA Aztec, NM Cargo Van / XL Truck (450, 4500)
$2143 August 30 Glendale, AZ Richland, WA Cargo Van / XL Truck (450, 4500)
$2156 August 30 SKOK, WA Camilla, GA Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$4099 August 30 Port Orchard, WA Grand Blanc, MI Car
$2411 August 25 Port Orchard, WA Grand Blanc, MI Car
$937 August 23 Helena, MT Spokane, WA Car
$551 August 22 Helena, MT Spokane, WA Car
$2822 August 19 Marshfield, MA Roslyn, WA Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1349 August 18 Billings, MT Shelton, WA Car

Straight Talk. Honest Dealings

The bottom line is when a client books a piece of freight, we need to get to moving ASAP. J&S does this day in and day out. We know the right questions to ask. We know the auto transport industry because we are an auto transporter. We are not just a broker.

There’s a million ways to make the customer feel comfortable, and J&S will work with the client to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution to whatever scenario arises.

Excellent customer service

We’ve hauled freight out of towns like Pullman, Washington, which is somewhat isolated, or Colville, Washington, which is 60, 70 miles north of Spokane. Both of those towns are off the beaten path.

Say a client books a piece from Colville, Washington to Denver, Colorado. In the instance of a car being in a very difficult location, we offer a couple options and prices for the client.

One option is we will do it for the rate quoted on the website because we honor what we quote, but it’s going to take a little longer simply because the client lives in a very difficult town. Auto transporters don’t usually go through Colville. We will have to go from Spokane up to Colville to pick it up, and if we dead head all the way up it’s a piece of freight we might break even on. It may take us two to three weeks to get up there for pick up, so it could delay the move.

Another option would be for the client to drive the car to Spokane to a previously arranged secure drop off where J&S will pick it up. We have trucks in and out of Spokane all the time, and this would significantly speed up the transport of the vehicle and reduce the cost.

Our Mission

What we’re trying to accomplish is obviously to provide phenomenal customer service, safe and quick delivery, and open and honest communication at a fair price to everybody.

There’s a million ways to make the customer feel comfortable, and J&S will work with the client to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution to whatever scenario arises.

See our video that explains what door to door shipment is all about.

Honest communication. Prompt replies.

  • You will get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of the dispatchers so you have a personal contact
  • We will e-mail or call you to update the status of your order
  • We will be able to track your vehicle throughout the shipping process with GPS tracking systems in our trucks
  • We will let you know what’s going on from pickup to delivery of your vehicle

Our courteous and friendly dispatchers compliment our experienced and professional drivers which makes working with J&S pleasant and hassle-free.

Get a free interstate auto transport quote and let us prove to you not all auto transport companies are the same. J&S Transportation stands above the rest.