Why choose J&S Transportation?

Our experience has been earned over 17 years and more
than a quarter-million cars transported

Competitively Priced Quotes

Our quotes are priced to help us expedite every transport. We are a transporter with our own fleet of trucks, and we are also licensed broker. This gives us the flexibility and know-how to arrange the transport of your vehicle quicker than the most of the competition.

Although our quote may be higher compared to others, our level of customer service is exceptional compared to most transporters. Customer who've reviewed our service are a testament to this.

We go the extra mile

Going the extra mile (literally and figuratively) has kept us in business for over 17 years, and earned us a reputation for honesty and reliability. We do door-to-door transport whenever possible.

We may broker your order to one of our partner businesses If it makes for a faster delivery. Our goal is to transport your vehicle as safely and quickly as possible.

Even if we broker your order, we'll be your point of contact throughout the transportation. We'll be the people you deal with from beginning to end.

Flexibillity means speed

Check out our video on why car transport quotes can vary so much from company to company.


Direct contact from pick up to delivery

When you book with J&S to ship your car, You will get an on-call phone number and e-mail address for one dispatchers so you have a personal contact. We communicate in a proactive way. We'll provide periodic updates on the transport or your vehicle.

Our insurance meets the highest industry standards.

If damage has occured during transit, you will need to call the damage claims manager immediately to ensure your claim is processed promptly. Once you have contacted the office and it is determined we are liable, our claim manager will begin the process for repair. It is very important that you do not begin any repairs yourself. Keep in mind that in most cases you only have three days to file the claim.