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J&S Transportation has provided Idaho Auto Transport services for dealers and private vehicle owners for over 20 years. Our rates are priced to move, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! We adhere to the highest insurance standards, and we provide our customers with regular updates. As a door-to-door auto transporter, we can deliver to or from any residential or business location in Idaho, and we offer open or enclosed shipping options. See how much it will cost to ship a car to or from Idaho by getting an instant quote today!

Idaho Auto Transport

When you look at the map of Idaho, it should be easy to spot the areas where shipping cars will be the cheapest and quickest. All the cities in southern Idaho along I-84/I-86/I-15 are your best bets. Those cities include Nampa, Meridian, and Boise on the west, to Jerome and Twin Falls in the south, to Pocatello and Idaho Falls on the east. This is the primary corridor car carriers travel in Idaho. Anything outside this corridor is going to add cost and time to your transport particularly those towns and cities in and around the Boise National Forest and the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

As you head to northern Idaho, your best shipping location is going to be Coeur d’ Alene. We do a lot of shipping in and out of Coeur d’ Alene for the various car dealers we have relationships with there. It’s right on I-90 which is a very busy trucking corridor so it’s an ideal shipping location. When you get up into the panhandle to cities such as Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry, transports can get challenging so expect increased costs and time to get your transport completed.

The other thing to keep in mind is that winters can be harsh in Idaho. Cold temperatures and snow can wreak havoc on transports. As a result, be prepared for potential delays during the winter months and sometimes increased costs as well because there may be fewer carriers willing to serve the state during the winter. For example, if you need to ship a car from Texas to Idaho in late January, it could take a few days longer to secure a carrier than it would if you did that same move in the middle of summer.

We have been shipping cars in and out of Idaho for 20+ years so we have the experience to handle any weather Idaho throws at us. We also have strong relationships with carriers and rollback companies so we can handle transports from remote areas in Idaho to populated areas such as the Boise, Nampa, and Meridian. To find out what your Idaho auto transport will cost and how long it will take to complete, get an instant quote on our website or call us at (800) 656-7638.

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Route Availability Rating

The availability rating to and from Idaho is 9/10.

3-4 Days

Average Pickup Time

The average time from booking to pickup is 3-4 Days.

Shipping from
Boise, Idaho to Washington, Idaho
Roberts, Idaho to Rutland, Idaho
Boise, Idaho to Rapid City, Idaho
Boise, Idaho to Orrington, Idaho
Nampa, Idaho to Lewes, Idaho
Boise, Idaho to Irvington, Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho to Tekamah, Idaho
Boise, Idaho to Anchorage, Idaho
Pocatello, Idaho to Mobile, Idaho
Sandpoint, Idaho to Alderson, Idaho
Shipping from Idaho
Idaho to District Of Columbia
Idaho to Vermont
Idaho to Maine
Idaho to Delaware
Idaho to New Jersey
Idaho to Nebraska
Idaho to South Dakota
Idaho to Alaska
Idaho to Alabama
Idaho to West Virginia
Shipping to
Wilmington, Delaware to Coeur D'alene, Delaware
Washington, District Of Columbia to Twin Falls, District Of Columbia
St Johnsbury, Vermont to Boise, Vermont
Providence, Rhode Island to Salmon, Rhode Island
Charleston, West Virginia to Orofino, West Virginia
Brunswick, Maine to Idaho Falls, Maine
Carthage, Mississippi to Boise, Mississippi
Fort Mill, South Carolina to Boise, South Carolina
Stillwater, Oklahoma to Boise, Oklahoma
Arnold, Maryland to Rexburg, Maryland
Shipping to Idaho
Delaware to Idaho
District Of Columbia to Idaho
Vermont to Idaho
Rhode Island to Idaho
West Virginia to Idaho
Maine to Idaho
Mississippi to Idaho
New Jersey to Idaho
Wyoming to Idaho
Georgia to Idaho

Latest Instant Quotes for Idaho Auto Transport

Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$573 August 01 Nampa, ID Halfway, OR Truck / Large SUV
$779 July 28 Shelley, ID Belgrade, MT Truck / Large SUV
$2092 July 15 Boise, ID Chicago, IL Truck / Large SUV
$1021 July 15 Boise, ID Peoria, AZ Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$1804 July 13 Post Falls, ID Valrico, FL Car
$779 June 30 Shelley, ID Belgrade, MT Truck / Large SUV
$1821 June 28 Caldwell, ID Brooklyn, NY Car
$1875 June 24 Boise, ID Fort Meade, MD Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan
$941 June 22 Reno, NV Boise, ID Car
$962 June 21 Reno, NV Boise, ID Small or Midsize SUV / Crossover / Minivan

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J&S Transportation Auto Transport Reviews

Everything was awesome. Very easy to set up and communication was awesome! I really liked the texting and emails regarding access to status. It's so hard to chitchat on the phone this day and time. I would definitely recommend and/or use again!

Brandy F, Idaho

Great and easy delivery! 5 stars

Shaun B, Idaho

Your service was fast and efficient. You all had excellent communication and delivered our vehicle in perfect condition. Thank you so much!

Karyn H, Idaho

The driver was great, prompt, actually early and efficient.  Your staff was also great at keeping in contact and making it simple.

Erin C, Idaho

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How long does it take to ship a car to or from Idaho?

Carriers can travel around 500 miles per day. If you take the total distance of your route and divide by 500, you'll get the approximate number of days it will take to ship a car to or from Idaho.

Example: If the distance is 1700 miles and you divide by 500, you get 3.4, or approximately 3 1/2 days for delivery. 

We provide the estimated delivery times for your specific route when you get an instant quote.

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from Idaho?

It will depend on the specific location the vehicle will be shipped to or from Idaho. It will also depend on the size of the vehicle, whether it runs, and whether it will be shipped on an open or enclosed trailer.

You can see how much it will cost to ship a car to or from Idaho by getting an instant quote on our website, or by calling us at (800) 656-7638.


Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

How do I ship my car to or from Idaho?

The first step is to get an instant quote on our website or by calling us at (800) 656-7638. The quote will give you a current price and the estimated time of delivery for your specific shipping route. From there you can book an order online or book an order with us over the phone.

Do you provide open and enclosed car shipping to or from Idaho?

Yes! By default, our instant quotes are for open transports, but on the quote page you will also see the cost to ship a car enclosed.

What's included in the instant quote?

The instant quote is all inclusive. There are no sales tax, hidden fees, or additional charges of any kind. Insurance coverage is also included in the price you are given!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and debit cards. We do not accept check or cash.

Will my vehicle be covered by insurance during the transport?

Yes! As a car carrier and licensed auto transport broker we provide liability and cargo insurance to cover your vehicle while it is being transported. However, you MUST have your personal vehicle insurance in place because we don’t cover Acts of God. Read our article about auto transport insurance for more details.