2009 Volvo S40 transported from Portland, OR, to Auburn, AL

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Sue Bickford needed to ship her 2009 Volvo S40 from Portland, OR, to Auburn AL. A few weeks back we shipped a car for Sue’s daughter Roseanne from Oregon to Alabama. So when it came time to ship Sue’s car, the decision was an easy one to make.

“I needed to get my car, a 2009 Volvo S40, from Portland, OR, to Auburn, AL. I had not shipped a car before and my concerns were, you know, having my car shipped safely and in a reasonable amount of time,” said Sue.

“I did some research online along with my daughter Roseanne. She shipped a Porsche a few weeks ago from Portland to Enterprise, Alabama. We looked at a few carriers and decided to go with J&S. They seemed like a reputable company and we figured we would go with them.”

“My daughter Roseanne had a good experience shipping her car with J&S. She was happy and I felt perfectly comfortable going you guys to ship my car, and actually it shipped in less time than I had expected.”

“The driver picked it up on Monday and told me it would be here probably by Saturday, which I thought was maybe a little unrealistic. When Saturday came, Gary gave me call and said the car would be here by Tuesday which was fine. I was very pleased. He picked it up at my door and delivered it to my door.”

“When I made the original arrangements I did not realize that J&S was going to broker it out to another driver. I thought J & S would drive it down here, but Gary explained Alabama was off their usual route and they would have to broker my car for part of the trip. Everything turned out fine and I’m happy.”

“I guess what I liked best about working with J&S is the fact that my car got here in a safe condition. That plus they knew what was going on every step of the way with the transport, when either I called them or the driver called me. I thought they were on top of it.”

I would absolutely recommend J&S because I think they’re reliable. You can trust them with your vehicle to get it to you in a safe condition and a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks, Sue. If you or Roseanne need to ship a car in the future make sure to give us a call and we’ll deliver great service again.