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Door-to-Door Shipping

When you get a auto transport quote many times it is for terminal-to-terminal service, not door-to-door service. J&S does door-to-door service unless there are neighborhood ordinances prohibiting trucks from entering. In that case, our driver will call and arrange a close, convenient and safe location with you to pick up or deliver your vehicle.

Direct contact from pickup to delivery

When you book with J&S to ship your car, you’ll get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of our own dispatchers so you have a personal contact throughout the process of of pickup to delivery.

Delivery on our own trucks

We always try to put your car on our own trucks, but if we can get the vehicles to the customer faster by brokering the freight, we’ll do it. We are primarily an auto transport company, but J&S is also a licensed and insured broker. Our shipping partners help us reach all four corners of the continental USA.


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