2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee shipped from CO to MT

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Nick Howes of Nye, MT, needed to ship his 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Longmont, CO, to his home. Being in a rural, out of the way locale, it was difficult to find a company that would deliver to his location. That is, until Nick found J&S Transportation.

“I hadn’t shipped a car before, but the only concern was that I needed it delivered close to my house,” says Nick. “I’m out in Nye, MT, which was a bit of an issue for some other companies but with J&S that was not an issue at all.”

“I bought the vehicle, a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, online from a dealership in Longmont, CO. The dealership was going to set up the transport; in fact they had another transport company contact me, but they wouldn’t deliver beyond Columbus, MT, which is 40 or 50 miles away. That’s when I said ‘Well, that’s not going to work’ and started looking for somebody else. I got on Google and found your website.”

“The website worked OK. I didn’t actually deal with J&S initially; the transport was set up by the dealership; I just pointed them to you because you’re in Billings, MT, which is relatively close to me.”

“Once that was set, I started talking to J&S. The communication was great. There was a lot of contact. They called me regularly. They didn’t have a specific delivery date until they called me the morning before it was going to be delivered. It took something like two weeks; I was hoping it would be more like a week or less which maybe was unrealistic, but that was my hope.”

“Basically, you guys delivered the jeep and I was happy. I mean, I’m three and half miles up a steep dirt road so I didn’t really expect them to deliver it to my doorstep, but they delivered it where I wanted it. It was good. I was happy.”

“What impressed me was that J&S did what they said they’d do. Your website said you can deliver off the beaten path. There’s a quote on the website that said you could do it and you honored that. You got it here.”

I would use them again, and I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending J&S, especially if it was a neighbor who wanted to ship out to a rural area. Although it took longer than maybe I had hoped, J&S did deliver to where I wanted it delivered.