Is There a Contract to Sign if I Ship My Car With You?

by | Transport Tips

We get this question asked a lot, so we thought we’d write a brief blog post about it. Generally speaking, there aren’t contracts involved when you’re shipping a car.

A contract is “implied” when you submit an official order with a broker or carrier. What constitutes an “official order” will vary from company to company so you’ll want to ask before you proceed.

With us, the process starts by getting an instant quote on our website, or by calling us at (800) 656-7638. When you get your instant quote, you’ll also be given an estimated pick up date and delivery date. If everything looks good, then you can proceed to book an order.

At the time of booking, we require a 10% deposit paid by a credit or debit card. As soon as you pay the deposit, your order becomes “official” and you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. At this point a contract is implied.

If you’re wondering how the rest of the transport is paid, we automatically charge your card the remaining amount due when we pick up your vehicle. You don’t have to mess around carrying wads of cash or haggling with a driver over money upon delivery. Your transport order will already be paid in full when your vehicle is delivered so it’s a smooth and painless process!

While there isn’t an official contract involved, there is a document that you will sign called the Vehicle Condition Report. When your vehicle is picked up, you and the driver will walk around the vehicle and the driver will document the condition of it. He will usually take pictures as well. After the report is completed, you’ll be asked to sign the report.

When the vehicle is delivered to its final destination, the delivery contact person will be given the Vehicle Condition Report. That person will walk around the vehicle and inspect it to make sure the condition of the vehicle matches the condition outlined in the report. This is how we determine if there has been damage to the vehicle during transit. If everything looks good, then the delivery contact person signs the report.

I know it might seem odd not to have an official contract when shipping a car but it’s just not an industry norm. Whether you work with a broker or a carrier, you’ll want to ask what constitutes an official order and at the very least understand what their Terms and Conditions are after an order is submitted. You’ll also want to check out their reviews online and see if they have any complaints with the BBB. If you see any red flags, keep shopping around!

We don’t have contracts, but if that makes you nervous keep our experience in mind. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have successfully shipped over a 1,000,000 vehicles and counting. Also be sure to read our online reviews and check out our A+ rating with the BBB! We’ll take good care of you and your car if choose to ship with us!