J&S Transportation Damage Claim Policy

While damage during an auto transport is rare, it does happen. If your vehicle has been damaged, this page outlines our damage claim policy and what you need to do to file a claim.

    • If you believe damage occurred during transit, you will need to start the claims process within 3 days of your vehicle being delivered by notifying our dispatchers at (406) 500-2999. Please have your order# ready for them so they can reference your transport.
    • Next, you need to take detailed photos of the damage as well as a photo of the entire vehicle and email them to: damage@jandstransport.com. Please reference your order# in this email. At that point it is considered a filed claim.
    • Once you have emailed your photos and order#, our Damage Claims Manager will begin to process your claim and will contact you. It is very important that you do not begin any repairs until you hear from our Claims Manager!
    • An estimate of repairs is required on all vehicles prior to starting repair work. Damage claims will be reviewed with all documentation and estimates for the best cost and quality in as timely a manner as possible. Repairs are not to start until damage claim estimate is approved by J&S Damage Claims Manager.
    • Any damage claim that has had no response from a customer for over 30 days will be filed without further action and no payment will be issued for anything extending over 30 days.
    • Damage claims charges are independent of transportation fees and no money will be deducted from payment of your transport order for damage per I.C.C. Regulations.

J&S Transportation is not responsible or liable for claims of the following nature:

    • Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling system solutions, industrial fall-out or fall-out resulting from Acts of God. Acts of God are to include, but not limited to, sandstorms, hailstorms, wintertime conditions, tornadoes and hurricanes.
    • Articles left in vehicle (i.e. after market stereos, phones, personal items).
    • Damage or loss of loose parts or special equipment when not listed on the Bill of Lading and/or when not properly wrapped, stored or secured as to prevent loss or damage.
    • Mechanical malfunctions, exhaust assemblies, alignment, suspension or tuning of engine, because inspections of these items are not practical at the time of shipment.
    • Auto rental accruals will not be honored.
    • Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or batteries, protection from freezing will be furnished by and at the expense of the shipper.
    • Damages to the exterior of a vehicle where the paint is not broken, paint scrapes 1″ long or less or an isolated “chip” in the paint, or paint swirls, chips in windshields of older model cars (5 years or older), flat tires or missing hubcaps.

All of the policies and procedures listed above are subject to change with the approval of J&S Transportation Claims Manager.