Graveyard Carz delivery

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Transport Tips

Graveyard Carz is an automotive show focusing on restoring Chrysler muscle cars. Not only are the cars wrecked, they are beyond repair. Broadcast on the Velocity Channel, Graveyard Carz is one of if not the most popular shows on the network, and has fans across the country, and J&S’s drivers are no exception!

Our driver Ben Rodriquez is a huge fan of Graveyard Carz, and when he dropped off a 1971 Dodge Challenger in desperate need of restoration, he got the chance to check out the repair shop and meet some of the crew, including Dave Rea and the man, Mark Worman, the driving passion behind Graveyard Carz, himself!

Graveyard Carz

J&S driver Ben Rodriguez hanging out with Mark Worman at the Graveyard Carz Shop.

Mark and his team of auto restoration experts specialize in MOPAR cars that have seen better days. They scour the country for classics in desperate need of resurrection!
The cars Mark and his crew work on are found far and wide throughout the US and can’t be driven to their shop in Oregon. How do they get the cars delivered to their shop?
We’ve been lucky enough to transport a few cars for Mark Worman and the crew, and we’re delivering a few for the 7th season, which is set to premiere in March. We’re looking forward to seeing a few of the cars we transported for them restored!
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Graveyard Carz' Dave Rea and J&S driver Ben Rodriguez hanging out in the Graveyard Carz shop!

Check your local listings to see the day and time Graveyard Carz comes back!

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Mark Worman’s Twitter: @GYC_Mark