Shipping a ’98 Camaro from out-of-the-way “tough location”

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Reviews

Jim Keyes had never needed to ship a car before, but wanted to send a 98 Camaro from Moses Lake, WA to his granddaughter in Cloverdale, CA. While there was a delay in the pickup of the Camaro due to the pickup and delivery being in out-of-the way locations, J&S’s perseverance to get the transport done really impressed the first time auto transport customer.

“We never shipped a car before so we had a few concerns going in. You never know who you’re going to get, you know? There are trucking companies all over the United States and some of them are a little marginal,” said Jim. “So, we were a little concerned about it.”

“I found J&S off the Internet. I chose J&S because I was trying to find somebody that was an actual transport company and not a broker. I think a company that already has their own trucks or their own business takes a little more responsibility than somebody who’s just dispatching to whoever takes the load. So we felt a little better with that.”

“I placed the order probably about a week and a half before it shipped, but it was a tough location to pick up and a tough location to deliver and for a little bit J&S couldn’t find a driver to do it.”

“The pickup was in Moses Lake, which is on the I-90 Corridor, but there’s just not a lot of traffic coming over on this side of the going the way we needed to go. Most of it goes down I-5. The delivery was in Cloverdale, CA which is over two hours north of San Francisco on the 101. It’s a little tough to get from I-5 over to the 101. Some of the roads are restricted.”

“Both of the guys I spoke to at J&S were real helpful, and real diligent in finding someone to do the transport. In fact, the day they got someone to pick up the car I actually called them and said, ‘I need to get it down there, so I probably should just cancel and drive the thing down myself.’ They asked me not to cancel and said they weren’t going to quit.”

“Toward the end of that week and a half period they found somebody that could take the load. I was impressed with J&S’ diligence. They weren’t going to give up. So we finally found this guy, and he picked it up here at the house and delivered it in good shape to the place that he was supposed to deliver it to, right to the other place down in California. It was a good job and it went well.”

What impressed me was the diligence J&S showed in getting the job done, which you don’t see in a lot of businesses anymore. It used to be that way 30 years ago, but unfortunately people don’t operate that way. They stuck with it and they kept in touch with me to let me know what was going on, and I appreciated that.

“Their customer service and their communication were really good. They kept calling me and assuring me they were going to get it done.”

“I definitely would recommend J&S, because they did a good job. We were shipping the car down to our 16-year-old granddaughter and she was just chomping at the bit to get it. The chances are we’re going to have the same situation in two years with a grandson, and we’ll certainly use J&S if that’s the case.”

Thanks, Jim. We look forward to delivering your grandson’s car in a couple years.