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Our drivers pass a thorough screening and demonstrate excellent safety records. Would you like to join our growing team of drivers, with routes across the United States but focused on the Rocky Mountain West and Pacific Northwest? Our fleet of trucks consists of late-model Peterbilts with Cummins 500 hp engines, Eaton ultrashifts, and Cottrell 80 foot stingers. If you’d like an opportunity to drive for us, please complete the pre-screen form and the job application.

If you would prefer to print a paper copy of the application, please complete, sign and return using the instructions on the application. Download the PDF here.

J&S is hiring experienced auto transport drivers with good safety records and friendly customer service histories.

With the new DOT requirements and the important criteria put on hiring drivers we use the strictest of standards when recruiting new employees.

J&S has an excellent safety rating and takes great pride in hiring only safe auto transport drivers with great driving records. We do not tolerate unsafe conditions for your automobile and/or the welfare of other people on the roadways.

Team of Safe Drivers

We take great pride in all of our employees, whether they are company drivers or owner/operators, we value them all!. Our drivers are the backbone of our company. We only hire top notch professionals. A lot of background checks and energy go into selecting a new driver for our team.

In addition to federally required new-hire information, we also check driving records as well as their CSA and DAC information. The Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) tracks the D.O.T. violations that a driver may have that would not be found on their driving record. The Drive-A-Check or DAC report is a service that allows former employers to post information about the driver that benefits a company looking to hiring that individual.

We use all the tools possible to make sure we have quality auto transport drivers that represent our company in a professional manner.

Driver Training and Safety Programs

We have both company trucks and owner/operators leased to transport vehicles. We only hire drivers with over 100,000 miles of previous experience, unless they have been through an accredited professional training program.

We will hire drivers that have experience, but have never transported autos before. If the right candidate shows the initiative to learn how to haul cars we will train them. We put these drivers through a 30 – 45 day training course with one of our company trainers. This is an important step in the process of transporting our customer’s autos in a safe manner.

Drivers Who are Owner/Operators

We do a triple net lease for our owner/operators so we cover all costs for them. They run on our insurance and licensing.

Drivers Who are Company Employees

Our company drivers are paid a percentage of the freight that is loaded on the truck and are averaging $.94 per mile. We have performance and fuel bonuses for the drivers to earn extra money for doing a great job as well. Our drivers are also rated on many different categories each and every month for our driver of the month, quarter, and annual awards. We also have a full benefits package available with driver paid healthcare.

Long-Term Driver Relationships

The vehicle hauling industry experiences a lot of driver turnover, especially on the auto hauling side. We refer to this as “the pasture is always greener”. At J & S Transportation we are the side that is the greenest and our drivers feel like they are part of the family.

Driver of the Year

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