2013 Chevy 3500 HD Extended Cab delivered from South Carolina to Iowa

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Reviews

Craig Johnstone needed to ship a car he bought online. He recently bought a 2013 Chevy 3500 HD Extended Cab from a dealership in Lexington, SC, and needed to get it to his home in Grinnell, IA. A Google search led him to J&S. Our customer service did the rest.

“I found a brand new 2013 Chevy 3500 HD Extended Cab at Herndon Chevrolet in Lexington, South Carolina. It had been sitting on their lot for a year and a half, and it’s the last year that Chevy made the style of cab that I use in my business, the suicide door on the extended cab,” says Craig. “To find a brand new one that I could buy at an attractive price was like a godsend. The dealership was willing to sell at a price that we agreed on, so I needed to get that truck from Lexington, South Carolina to Grinnell, Iowa.”

“I was looking for ‘highly rated transportation companies,’ I found J&S Transportation on the Internet through a Google search. When I checked the reviews on J&S I could not find a negative one.”

“I called J&S Transportation and was connected to Joe in dispatch. We talked about what I needed and J&S were very accommodating. When the deal to buy the truck was done I called Joe back and said, ‘Okay, I’m ready to go.’”

“This was a difficult transport to arrange, but J&S communicated with me through the process, telling me okay, ‘we’re not having a lot of luck but stay patient,’ which I did. Two weeks after the truck was available to be picked up they found a trucking company to do the transport.”

“J&S did not have any of their own trucks anywhere close, but they found a very reputable subcontractor, A&M Express, out of located in North Carolina, who they were able to broker the transport to. They were the ones who picked up the truck and delivered it to my address.”

“I was ok with J&S brokering my order. Joe he said that is a very low traveled route and told me up front they might have to broker it, but they would only deal with very reputable companies. I was fine with their assurance that it would be someone up to their quality standards.”

“I had it programmed it in my mind that it was going to take them up to four weeks to get the transport arranged, but they exceeded my expectations by double. J&S was able to handle a difficult job in what I felt was a timely manner. I felt that two weeks was a very reasonable amount of time for them to do it.”

“A&M Express was very prompt and communicated well. I am absolutely thrilled. I have my new truck in the driveway, and now I can get the rest of the parts ordered for it, the service body, and be able to put it into service. The truck arrived in perfect condition. I didn’t want it damaged by someone who didn’t care. With J&S and their subcontractor I felt that I got someone that cared for my vehicle as much as I did.”

The best part about working with J&S is the fact that they were on top of the game all the time. Well, that and their pricing. While there might have been cheaper transport companies out there, I didn’t even consider anyone else. I felt their price was reasonable for the reputation that they’ve earned out there. I knew I had given them a tough job, and they transported a brand new vehicle that arrived in my driveway in perfect condition.

“J&S would be my first call if I needed to transport a vehicle again because of the quality of service I received. This was a one ton truck that needed to go on a route coming out of South Carolina to Iowa where there isn’t a lot of traffic in the transport world. I am very, very satisfied. I could not be happier with the way I was treated by J&S.