Personal Belongings Policy

If you are shipping personal belongings with your vehicle, you must adhere to the following terms:

  • Personal belongings that are damaged, lost, or stolen are not covered by our cargo insurance. You ship them at your own risk.
  • We allow ONE suitcase, duffle bag, tote, or box of personal belongings up to 100 lbs. for free. Every additional suitcase, duffle bag, tote, or box (up to 100 lbs.) is an additional $100. The total weight of personal belongings cannot exceed 400 lbs.
  • You must notify us prior to the pick up of your vehicle if you will be shipping personal belongings. We may request a photo of the personal belongings.
  • If there are more personal belongings in your vehicle than what you told us when your vehicle is picked up, or if they are not stored properly as described below, additional charges will be incurred. If you don’t agree to those charges the driver will not load your vehicle and you will be charged a dry run fee of 30% of your total transport order.
  • Any damage done to the interior of the vehicle due to any personal belongings in the vehicle is not covered by our cargo insurance.
  • Personal belongings must be stored in the trunk, back seats, or cargo area of the vehicle and must be below the window level.
  • There can be no personal belongings in the front seats.
  • Shipping firearms, ammunition, flammable/hazardous materials, or illegal substances with your vehicle are strictly prohibited.

We also encourage you to read our article on shipping vehicles with personal belongings for important tips.

Personal Belongings Policy for Alaska Auto Transports

The same policies listed above apply to Alaska auto transports with two major exceptions.

The ships we use for our Alaska transports have strict weight controls and have different charges for personal belongings. They charge a minimum of $200 for personal belongings up to 200 pounds. There are additional fees if you have personal belongings weighing more than 200 pounds. We simply pass these costs along to our customers.

Because of the strict weight controls the ships have, we are also required to provide weight slips if you’re shipping personal belongings with your vehicle. To get the weight slips we need, you have to drive your vehicle to a truck stop or a truck weigh station and have the vehicle weighed with and without the personal belongings in your vehicle. You’ll be given weight slips that you can take photos of and then text or email them to us. We then forward those weight slips along with the other paperwork we need to provide to the shipping port prior to your vehicle arriving. They use those slips to determine the exact weight of the personal belongings. All vehicles are weighed before they are loaded on to the ship so if the weight doesn’t match the weight slips because additional personal belongings were added to the vehicle after the weight slips were submitted, additional charges will be incurred.