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Safe and Reliable Auto Transport to and from Michigan

J&S Transportation has provided safe and reliable Auto Transport to and from Michigan for dealers and private vehicle owners for over 20 years. Our rates are priced to move, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! We adhere to the highest insurance standards, and we provide our customers with regular updates. As a door-to-door Auto Transport company, we can deliver to or from almost any residential or business location in Michigan, and we offer open or enclosed shipping options. See how much it will cost to ship a car to or from Michigan by getting an instant quote today!

Michigan Auto Transport

Michigan auto transports are always in high demand. That shouldn’t be a surprise given the “Big Three” (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) are still headquartered in the state.

Shipping cars to and from Michigan has some interesting challenges but before we dive into those, let’s highlight the best car shipping locations in the state. Any location along, or close to, I-94, I-96, and I-69 are good options. Solid car shipping locations along I-94 include Kalamazoo, Marshall, and Ann Arbor. Grand Rapids and Lansing are great options along I-96, and Flint along I-75/I-69 is also a great option.

The most obvious car shipping location in the state is Detroit. It is, in fact, the best car shipping location in the state with an important caveat. Shipping an individual car from Detroit when the new model year vehicles come out can be challenging. For example, when Ford starts shipping out their new model year vehicles from Detroit, car carriers don’t want to deal with a single unit leaving Detroit simply because they don’t have any room on their trailers for one. Their trailers are plum full of new model year vehicles from Ford. This typically happens in late summer/early fall. If you need an individual car shipped from Detroit during this time, you will pay a premium and you’ll need a little patience as it may take a little longer to find a car carrier that has a spot available.

There is a positive to this “Detroit challenge,” and that is when car carriers head to Detroit to pick up those new model year vehicles, their trailers are usually empty, or at least they have plenty of open spots available. Car carriers will be thrilled to ship your car to Detroit during this time because a car carrier always wants a full load to maximize their profits. As a result, shipping rates to Detroit during this time are usually cheapest as car carriers are willing to take less to fill up their trailers with vehicles.

If you look at a map of Michigan and draw a line from Grand Rapids in the west to Flint in the east, anything above that line in Michigan is going to be difficult to ship a car to or from. By difficult I mean, your auto transport may take a little longer and/or require more money to complete. In fact, the more north you go from that line, the more difficult the car shipment will be because as you go north, there is less population. Car carriers just aren’t going into those areas of Michigan on a regular basis.

A final challenge to Michigan auto transports is the weather. Like any midwestern state, winters can be harsh in Michigan, especially as you go further north in Michigan. Shipping cars to or from Michigan during the winter months may take a little longer to complete. Car carriers like to avoid northern states in the winter so there aren’t as many of them serving the state in the winter. Another reason transports may take longer in the winter is simply due to delays because of snowstorms.

If you want to know how much it will cost to ship a car to or from Michigan, and how long it will take to complete, get an instant quote online or call us at (800) 656-7638.

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Route Availability Rating

The availability rating to and from Michigan is 8/10.

3-5 Days

Average Pickup Time

The average time from booking to pickup is 3-5 Days.

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Quote Date Pickup Delivery Vehicle type
$3747 July 21 Anchorage, AK Dearborn Heights, MI Car
$2318 July 15 Flint, MI Adelaide, CA Midsize Truck
$621 July 13 Harrisburg, PA Detroit, MI Car
$1221 July 06 Detroit, MI San Antonio, TX Car
$709 July 03 St Peters, MO MT Clemens, MI Car
$1467 July 03 Altadena, CA Ann Arbor, MI Car
$1774 June 27 Seattle, WA Memphis, MI Car
$1635 June 25 Huntington Beach, CA Maybee, MI Car
$885 June 15 Naugatuck, CT Oak Park, MI Large SUV
$1485 June 08 Grand Rapids, MI Portland, OR Car

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What Our Michigan Customers Say

J&S Transportation Auto Transport Reviews

Everything went well and my transport was done in a timely manner. Thanks!

Mike V, Michigan

The driver did very well. He kept in touch with our daughter as he got closer to her address. His manners were so polite, we really appreciated his thoughtfulness. We would highly recommend your business to friends and neighbors. Your service is so prompt and your prices are reasonable. Thank you very much!

Wayne S, Michigan

The transport went smoothly. The driver let us know when he started out on the trip and then called us several times as he got closer. He was right on time and very pleasant. Got the car unloaded quickly with no problems. Overall a great experience. Would definitely use you guys again if possible!

David W, Michigan

Everything went very well, and we are completely satisfied. The driver was very professional and friendly and a pleasure to deal with. He went out of his way to deliver the car as close as possible given the large transport truck involved. Thanks!

James K, Michigan

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How long does it take to ship a car to or from Michigan?

Carriers can travel around 500 miles per day. If you take the total distance of your route and divide by 500, you'll get the approximate number of days it will take to ship a car to or from Michigan.

Example: If the distance is 1700 miles and you divide by 500, you get 3.4, or approximately 3 1/2 days for delivery.

We provide the estimated delivery times for your specific route when you get an instant quote.

how long does it take to ship a car to or from michigan
how much does it cost to ship a car to or from michigan

How much does it cost to ship a car to or from Michigan?

It will depend on the specific location the vehicle will be shipped to or from Michigan. It will also depend on the size of the vehicle, whether it runs, and whether it will be shipped on an open or enclosed trailer.

You can see how much it will cost to ship a car to or from Michigan by getting an instant quote on our website, or by calling us at (800) 656-7638.


Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

How do I ship my car to or from Michigan?

The first step is to get an instant quote on our website or by calling us at (800) 656-7638. The quote will give you a current price and the estimated time of delivery for your specific shipping route. From there you can book an order online or book an order with us over the phone.

Do you provide open and enclosed car shipping to or from Michigan?

Yes! By default, our instant quotes are for open transports, but on the quote page you will also see the cost to ship a car enclosed.

What's included in the instant quote?

The instant quote is all inclusive. There are no sales tax, hidden fees, or additional charges of any kind. Insurance coverage is also included in the price you are given!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and debit cards. We do not accept check or cash.

Will my vehicle be covered by insurance during the transport?

Yes! As a car carrier and licensed auto transport broker we provide liability and cargo insurance to cover your vehicle while it is being transported. However, you MUST have your personal vehicle insurance in place because we don’t cover Acts of God. Read our article about auto transport insurance for more details.