1998 Toyota 4Runner transported from MT to FL

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Anita Johnson was moving cross country from Helena, MT, to Oldsmar, FL. At her family’s urging, she decided to ship her car, a 1998 Toyota 4Runner, instead of hauling it herself. Based on her dealership’s recommendation, she decided to let J&S ship her baby.

“I have never ever shipped a car before,” says Anita. “I was planning on driving a 26-foot U-Haul from Helena to Oldsmar–ask me if I’ll ever do that again—and hauling the car behind it. My brother and sister-in-law who live in Oldsmar told me ‘we don’t think you should pull the car behind the trailer because of the wind.’ And then my oldest son got in on it, and he said, ‘I don’t think you should do this, mom.’ I say ‘what the hell wrong with you people? Do you think I’m 90?’ but that’s why we decided that I should ship it.”

“I don’t have Internet access, so my sister-in-law got on the internet and found a bunch of brokers and transporters, but she didn’t like this, and didn’t like that. So I got on the phone and called Placer Motors, the dealership in Helena who takes care of my car, and they said they use you.”

“After that it was a done deal. I said, ‘I’m done talking to anybody else, because if this is the only company that Placer says they ship with, then this is the company that I want, because I cherish my automobile.’ I’m 67 years old. I’m not going to buy a new car. I take very good care of my car. That’s why it has 200,000 plus miles on it and so it looks good.”

“The shipping went perfect. In fact, the car got here before me. I’m glad I shipped it instead of hauling it myself. I ended up having to rent a 6×12 trailer to get the rest of my stuff moved. If I hadn’t shipped my car, I would have had the trailer plus the car, so I would have been towing two things. Hell, I had the U-Haul and a heater cord broke on the inside of the cab. But hey, life is good with the car.”

“The funny thing about it, when I was in Indiana visiting my kids, they had a car shipped by another company and said their car was never right. I’m thinking, ‘Well, thank you for putting that little seed in my brain.’ But everything went fine; I can’t imagine my car driving any different than it does right now, which is perfect.”

Overall, I was very satisfied having the vehicle shipped by J&S. You guys did a great job and I’d do it again. Everything was perfect.