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Snowbird is the term used to describe retirees and older Americans who live in the northern climes but vacation in the southern and western parts of the United States. Aside from the summer season, the snowbird season is one of the busiest car-shipping seasons of the year.

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J&S transports door-to-door for Snowbirds

Most snowbirds make their yearly migration for the obvious reason – to escape the cold winters. Heck, even birds fly south for the winter to find milder climates, and who can blame them? Given the choice between freezing all winter or sipping drinks on the beach, I know which choice I’d make.


Avoid winter cold! Ship your car with J&S!

Why use a car delivery service to ship your car instead of driving it yourself you ask? Well, there are a number of reasons people chose to ship their cars instead of driving it. First off, it saves the wear and tear on your car. Second, when you ship your car, it eliminates the stress of long distance road trips. Third, it is safer to ship your car than driving it yourself. Finally, it may actually be cheaper to ship the vehicle than driving it, when you take into account the cost of hotels, fuel, food and unforeseen expenses.

At J&S Transportation our goal is simple, to make your auto transport experience as simple, stress-free and quick as possible. For over a decade J&S has built our reputation on honest communication and excellent customer service. It is what separates us from other auto transporters.

We are primarily a transporter, but J&S is also a licensed broker, which means we have the flexibility to meet your particular auto transport needs, whatever they may be or whatever circumstance may arise.

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J&S makes snowbird auto transport easy!

We have an excellent safety record and meet or beat our delivery estimates much of the time.

When you book your auto transport order with J&S we will get get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of the dispatchers so you’ll have a personal contact in case you have questions regarding the transport of you vehicle. We will be able to track your vehicle throughout the shipping process thanks to GPS tracking systems in our trucks, and you will know what’s going on throughout the transport of your vehicle from pickup to delivery.

At J&S we are passionate about partnering with snowbirds to get their vehicles where they need to be, on time, every time. So whether you are planning your trip south or returning back home, book your auto transport order with J&S today.