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A car is not only an expensive asset it is an invaluable part of most people’s daily lives. When you are without your car the inconvenience and lack of mobility can seriously impact your routine and livelihood. That’s why when you need to transport your vehicle you need to be confident in the company you’ve entrusted to move your car will live up to their promise. Watch the videos below to learn more, or get an instant online quote here…

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Are you worried you’ll make a bad auto transport choice?

Car hauling should be easy, simple and painless, but that is sadly not the case much of the time. In fact, the auto transport business has a less than sterling reputation. Some customers have had terrible experiences dealing with auto transport companies and you can find a lot of horror stories on the internet.

Common complaints you’ll want to avoid

  • Damages to vehicles during transport.
  • Late pickup and delivery.
  • Poor customer service and communication.
  • Surprise surcharges not mentioned in the car shipping quote.

Why we started our own auto shipping company

Our involvement in other businesses led us to ship vehicles across the country, and we found it very difficult to get the kind of service we expected. We learned firsthand it is very hard to find a company in the car delivery service that is honest about their delivery capabilities and how long delivery of a vehicle will take.

Southwest auto transport

Our cars were consistently not picked up on time. Delivery dates were more of a guesstimation than accurate estimations. No one would tell us where our vehicles were during transport and we found it almost impossible to get an actual human on the phone or get a response to our emails when we had questions. Cars we shipped often arrived damaged. Shipping quotes were rarely held to. It was a nightmare.

Eventually we figured we could do a better job ourselves, and so began our experience transporting cars and trucks across the United States. That was over 10 years ago, and now it’s grown into its own auto transport company, J&S Transportation.

Reviews of Interstate Car Transport Experiences

Time for a positive auto shipping experience

We made it our mission to make vehicle hauling a positive experience for each customer.

When we started this company we wanted to earn loyal customers and gain their repeat business. We have accomplished that and more.

Since we opened our auto hauling business over 10 years ago J&S has shipped over 235,000 vehicles with our own fleet of trucks and shipping partners who help us serve the entire continental United States.

Southwest auto transport services

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Southwest auto transport is part of daily life at J&S Transportation. Of the 235,000 vehicles we’ve shipped on our own trucks, many are routed into or out of the Southwest: from Phoenix, Arizona on over to Las Cruces, New Mexico and up into Utah and Colorado — or anywhere crossing the Southwest USA.

J&S runs a lot of trucks in and out of the Southwest. Our trucks are in there weekly to pick up and deliver vehicles at auctions throughout the region. Car dealerships and rental agencies throughout the Southwest will go to these auctions to stock their lots or fulfill sales. That means we are helping deliver cars and trucks to dealerships and individuals all over Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado and Texas. They count on us to get their vehicles delivered quickly and safely.

For you, that means our trucks will be nearby when you want your vehicle picked up at your location, and we’re more likely to have a truck running nearby on which we can deliver you vehicle.

Always know where your vehicle is during transport

When you hire J&S to ship your car, you will receive honest answers to whatever questions you may have regarding the transport of your car. You can count on quick communication about the on-time delivery of your vehicle.

We say what we mean and we mean what we say: When we quote you a price, we honor it, and when we give you a delivery date, we meet it or get your car to you early. And if there is a problem with the transport of your vehicle, we are pro-active in letting you know.

You will not be wondering what is going on with your car. You’ll get a call from us first, or you’ll get our return call promptly. It’s what we demanded for ourselves when we started this company to serve our other businesses.

Delivery on our own trucks

We always try to put your car on our own trucks, but if we can get the vehicles to the customer faster by brokering the freight, we’ll do it. We are primarily an auto transport company, but J&S is also a licensed and insured broker.

You’ve found a small company here in J&S Transportation, but one that’s big enough to always get the job done and still have the human touch.

Direct contact from pickup to delivery

When you book with J&S to ship your car, you’ll get an on-call phone number and an e-mail address for one of our own dispatchers so you have a personal contact throughout the process of of pickup to delivery. What you can expect:

  • Door-to-door service, not terminal-to-terminal
  • Accurate vehicle condition reports at pickup and delivery
  • Transport of your vehicle safely

Our promise to you: we will e-mail or call you to update the status of your order so you’ll quickly know what’s going on with your vehicle. We will be able to track your vehicle throughout the shipping process with GPS tracking systems in our trucks.

Get an instant auto transport quote below or call us at (800) 656-7638 and ask us to prove how J&S Transportation stands above the rest of the auto transport industry.

Jason Kummerfeldt & Scott Chesarek, The J&S of J&S Transportation

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