Plymouth Duster shipped from OR to IN for classic car enthusiast

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Reviews

Scott Jones bought a 1974 Plymouth Duster and needed to get it from Bend, OR, to Greenwood, IN. A couple local companies couldn’t do the job, so he started looking on the internet for auto haulers. After being inundated by quotes from transport brokers, Scott settled on J&S.

“I’ve had two or three different classic cars that I’ve had shipped in the past. I’d say most of them went okay, except for one,” said Scott. “It happened to be a convertible, but the transporter parked it on the lower level of the 10 car trailer and hydraulic fluid leaked all over it, because of the cars above had a leak. It kind of messed up my top.”

“There is a local company here in Indiana I like to use, but they didn’t go to the West Coast. There was another local company here that I hired to move it.”

“They had been in business for a while, but their communication completely fell through. I learned later from them that the guy I had been talking to, his wife went to the hospital in labor. I didn’t hear anything from them for over 24 hours. Finally, somebody else called and he told me the story, and I thought, ‘You know, this is crazy. If your company so small and something like that happens, you completely disregard your customers. If I was working for transport company and my wife went into labor and I had to go to the hospital, I’d be making sure somebody else was following up,’ which they didn’t do. So, I fired them and started looking on the Internet.”

“I found a whole bunch of auto transport companies. It seems like about 90% of them are going through auto transport brokers. A few brokers sent me quotes from their contractors.”

“The first one I got was like $1,400. The next one was five bucks cheaper, and the third was five dollars cheaper than that, and I thought, ‘This is a cutthroat business and I don’t like doing business that way. Just give me your price to ship it, like you guys did, and I’m either good with it or not.’ The quote from J&S was somewhere in the middle of the other guys. I felt more comfortable with your company, the way you were doing business.”

“Also, you don’t know who’s going to ship your car when you deal with a broker, and I felt like I’d rather deal with a company that I can deal with directly and talk to somebody when I need to.
That’s basically the reason I picked J&S.”

I was impressed by the website, the information on there, and that your owner had some personal statements on the site. I also liked the fact that you’ve been in business for a while. Plus your quote made it a pretty easy decision to make. It sounded like a pretty good company.

“So I booked the transport and the car got here quickly and not damaged, no problem at all. If I rated working with J&S from one to ten, I’d give it a nine or 9 1/2. I was real happy with all my communications with them and would use them again to ship a car.”

We look forward to moving your next purchase, Scott.