67 Ford Mustang transported from Montana to Colorado

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Reviews

Bonnie Jean Triplett needed her 1967 Ford Mustang transported from Missoula, MT, to her home in Colorado. She trusted J&S to get the job done.

“Melissa and Joe did fine. There ended up being a location change for pick up of the motor vehicle. They worked through the change and managed to pick-up the 1967 Mustang at a personal residence in a small town. It took several contacts with the previous owner to get the car released the car to J&S . Finally, it was done. The driver noted the condition of the Mustang car at the time it was picked up in Montana, and noted the condition of the car at the time it arrived in Colorado.”

“One of the actions which I really appreciated was, as per my request, Joe e-mailed to the attorney in Missoula, MT, the condition report and the photos of the car at the time it was picked up in Montana. When I asked Joe to send the information directly from his e-mail address to attorney’s e-mail address in Missoula, MT, he did it promptly.”

“That specialized service is so noted.”

Bonnie Jean Triplett