Shipping a rare 1953 Chevy 5-window truck requires special care

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When Amelia Hunt of Portland, OR, was looking to transport her rare 1953 Chevrolet five-window truck, J&S Transportation’s customer service made it an easy decision:

“My previous car shipping experience wasn’t what we were hoping for. The vehicle wasn’t delivered on time. It came, it just didn’t come on time,” said Amelia.

“I chose J&S to ship my car because I had a friend who lived there in Billings who recommended you guys. She used you guys for transport from Billings to Las Vegas–and also because the J&S crew seemed pretty concerned about the vehicle itself rather than just getting their money and sending out the shipment.”

“The vehicle is a 1953 Chevy five-window truck. They didn’t make the five-window that much so it was pretty rare. It was restored and in great shape. It’s an inherited vehicle so I wanted to make sure it got there safely, and J&S were the only ones that really seemed concerned about the safety of the vehicle.”

“Let me tell you, they weren’t the cheapest either, but I was willing to pay a little bit more.”

“Working with J&S was great. They were very accommodating. They expressed a lot of concern for the safety of the vehicle, and they got it to me a day ahead of schedule. Let me tell you, they weren’t the cheapest either. There were other companies that were a little bit less expensive but because of J&S’s customer service I was willing to pay a little bit more.”

“The J&S website really helped make shipping the truck an easy process. You can set up your delivery online, but they also picked up the phone and called me. A lot of places will do website work but they won’t follow up with a phone call, you don’t actually talk to anybody. J&S called and I talked to them a few times.”

“I also had email communication with one of the people there. Just having communication is pretty important. I’ve had situations where you set something up online and you don’t hear a word until it either doesn’t happen or it does, and then you’re wondering what’s going on and there is nobody to talk to.”

I would say what impressed me most about working with J&S was their concern for the vehicle. They weren’t just concerned about getting another transport to make money; they were actually concerned about making sure that my vehicle, which they knew meant a lot to me, got delivered safely.”

“J&S showed a lot of concern for the vehicle itself and they delivered beyond my expectations. They delivered it early, and they accommodated us in delivering it here in town. It’s a big city and the driver tried to make sure that we were able to pick it up where he was at.”

“I would recommend J&S to anybody shipping a car. For sure.”

Thanks, Amelia. We were happy to take care of your cherished truck and grateful you chose J&S for your shipping needs.