Toyota Sienna shipped from ID to CA for repairs

by | May 22, 2013 | Reviews

Monique Butler was on vacation when she got into an accident. While she returned home, her car stayed behind to get repaired and then get shipped back home. While not an ideal reason to hire an auto hauling company, nonetheless J&S helped make the transport as easy as it could be under the circumstances. But let her tell you:

“We were on vacation in Idaho from San Jose when we got into an accident. My Toyota Sienna was being repaired in a shop in Idaho and I was driving a rental and I was hoping to get my vehicle back as soon as possible,” says Monique. “I wasn’t sure how much longer the other guy’s insurance would pay for it.”

“We had a car transported previously when we moved from Idaho to San Jose, California. It went fine. We found a transport driver from Boise but he didn’t have a business card so we didn’t have any of his contact info.”

“I was looking for him in the Boise area, and one of the auto transport companies I called recommended J&S. That company didn’t run to California, but they knew that J&S did, and so they recommended them. I went with J&S not only because they were recommended, but their bid was actually the lowest of all the bids that I had gotten looking around the Internet.”

“I contacted J&S before the work was finished, so we had to arrange the timing to pick up the car when it was ready to go. Once it was done I contacted and told them the work was finished and that they could go ahead and set up the transport.The man at the body shop told me that J&S had contacted him so I knew they were on top of things.
They set up the pick-up of the vehicle with the body shop and that went flawlessly.”

I ended up getting the vehicle a lot sooner than I expected. They told me that they ran their route at the end of the week, and that I had a certain number of days before I could expect delivery, 5 to 10. It was a big window.”

“But then J&S contacted me Thursday afternoon and said my van was being picked up that day and I would have it the next day. It was like 24 hours. I was so happy that it was delivered so quickly.”

Working with J&S was smooth as you could hope for. The communication was good. I would ask a question, and it was immediately answered. Or I would send an email and it would always be answered quickly. I didn’t have any trouble at all. It was very easy. And I was really pleased at how quick the delivery was.

“I definitely would recommend J&S. Definitely, because it was flawless. It was seamless. I don’t have any complaints about the whole transaction.”

Thanks, Monique. And hopefully next time you need to ship a car it will be under less trying circumstances.