Ford F350 Super Duty shipped from OR to MT

by | May 30, 2014 | Reviews

Blaine Hoversland of Wolf Point, MT, bought a 1999 Ford F350 Super Duty one ton dually from a dealership in Gresham, OR, and needed it shipped to Montana. Based on the recommendation from another car transporter he decided to use J&S.

“I just bought a vehicle, a 1999 Ford F-350 1 ton dually, from Gresham Toyota, in Gresham, Oregon, and needed it shipped to Montana,” says Blaine. “I talked to the salesman at Gresham Toyota and he gave me the number for a guy out there that does work for them. When I called he said he doesn’t go to Montana, but he gave me your name.”

“I got online and Googled ‘auto transport’ and looked at some other companies. Their prices were really good but I read some bad reviews, so I Googled ‘J&S Transportation’ and I went to your website.”

“I saw that I could get a free quote so I did. J&S’s price was better than the other companies I had looked at. Plus, the guy I talked to out of Oregon said that you were good to work with. Basically, based on another transport company’s recommendation I decided to go with J&S.”

“I booked the order online; it was simple and worked fine. Then the office called me and we set up everything. I had them deliver it to the J&S warehouse in Billings. I am about 350 miles from Billings but we’re down there quite often. It was delivered real quickly, so I just flew down and picked it up. Everything went smooth.”

Working with J&S was easy. It went fast, and everything went as scheduled. In fact I actually just booked another car this morning to get delivered. This one is a 93 Ford Ranger pickup coming out of Idaho.

“I would definitely recommend J&S. The website was easy to use and the quote was reasonably priced, too. I couldn’t fly out and drive it back for the price J&S quoted.”

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Blaine. And thanks for booking two transports with us. We look forward to delivering all your cars in the future.