BMW 128i bought online shipped from Reston, VA, to Bozeman, MT

by | May 26, 2015 | Reviews

Dhaval Bajaria recently purchased a 2009 BMW 128i online from a seller in Reston, VA, and needed to have it transported to his home in Bozeman, MT. At first, Dhaval wanted to fly to Virginia and drive the car back himself, but after some research he found it would be almost the same cost to have the car shipped and avoid the cost, stress, and hassle of a cross-country road trip. After searching online for an auto transport company, a recommendation from a local dealership led him to J&S.

“I located the car I wanted on the phone in Virginia from an online forum. It was through a private seller,” says Dhaval. “I shopped online, bought the car online, and needed to get it delivered.”

“I decided to initially fly down there and drive it back, but I didn’t end up doing that. The main reason was the cost of me and my friend to fly down and all of the effort and the time that it would take to come back. It just wasn’t worth it. I ran some numbers and it ended up that shipping the car was cheaper or almost the same price as flying down there and driving it back myself, and if it was the same price, then I just didn’t want to deal with the driving part.

“I Googled shipping companies and got a lot of different quotes; I was really overwhelmed. A lot of the return phone calls that I got were from Florida. I did some more research and some articles said that you shouldn’t do it through a broker. I called Bozeman Audi and asked them if they could help me ship a car. They said that they couldn’t but they could get me in touch with the company they used and so they gave me J&S’s number.”

“I called J&S and I got the quote. It was within the range, though it was $150 more than most other quotes, but I chose J&S for a couple of reasons. One was that I knew that Bozeman Audi had used it, so in my mind it was reputable. Also, my money was going to stay in Montana, which I care about, supporting local businesses. So, I decided to go with J&S.”

Working with J&S was very smooth. I worked with Joe and I spoke with him on multiple occasions. I just liked his honesty; I had so many stupid questions because I had never shipped a car before and he was able to answer all of them. I guess the biggest thing was that since Bozeman Audi had already recommended J&S, and I thought the website was professional, I felt that I was getting quality service.

“All and all it was a good experience. My only concern was that the seller had actually shipped a car from Virginia to California in the past and he had a pretty bad experience. The person who picked up that car was not the company they had told him it would be. They wouldn’t even load the car on the trailer for him, and they didn’t show up with a semi-truck; they just showed up with a sketchy flatbed pickup truck.”

“I told Joe the seller was pretty worried whether this was going to be sketchy or not, and if he could figure that out with him; as long as he was comfortable giving the car to whoever picked it up, then I’d happy with it. I asked Joe to contact the seller, and things went smoothly there.”

“Once the car was picked up I received daily updates from the driver. I always knew where it was, and kind of knew what the timeline was. They told me that the car was going to get here before the end of the month, and it ended up coming way before that. They beat their estimate by about 5 days.”

“When the car got here, I was unavailable to pick it up so my buddy did. It was just a smooth experience. I really didn’t have any issues. I always got updates on where the car was, and the car arrived in the same condition as when it was shipped. I’m satisfied with the service and I think $150 more is negligible for peace of mind. I mean I go to school; I am taking six classes and I didn’t need the stress of shipping a car, and having it transported by J&S was really stress-free.”

“If I need to ship a car again, I absolutely would use J&S again, and recommend them. I had a great experience and I had peace of mind all throughout the process. For that reason alone I’d recommending J&S to other people. Even the guy who sold the car to me was really happy with the service, because he had had really bad services in the past shipping cars and he was happy with J&S. It worked out pretty well.”