Erskine Sanchez, Guam

Erskine Sanchez, Guam

"Thank you again J&S Transportation for handling my vehicle transport, a 1973 C3 Corvette. This is the 4th car that you have transported for me from across the country to the island of Guam with no issues. Joe has delivered excellent service and communication time and...

Mike Osweiler, Chandler, AZ

Mike Osweiler, Chandler, AZ

I would recommend J&S to anyone serious about having their vehicle shipped by an organization that communicates exceptionally well with its customers and respects the customer’s feelings about having his vehicle well-cared for while en route.

Jim Harrer, Chicago, IL

"Just received my car and wanted to let you know I'm extremely happy with the whole process. The driver was great with updating me on his ETA, and he was courteous and professional. You guys run a tight ship. Thanks again!"

Dave Jackson, Salem, OR

"What most impressed me was just the ease of it. I mean I got cars shipped before and it was like several calls and issues I had to deal with them all along the way and it was just kind of a pain. With you guys, I just entered in the credit card information on the...

Dhaval Bajaria, Bozeman, MT

"If I need to ship a car again, I absolutely would use J&S again, and recommend them. I had a great experience and I had peace of mind all throughout the process. For that reason alone I’d recommending J&S to other people."

Gary Silacci, Amarillo, TX

"What most impressed me about J&S was the whole thing was very easy. Easy. They had a very easy website to deal with. Then the followed-up was very easy. I mean, they did a good job. They were punctual and reasonable."

Michael Blizzard, Englewood, NJ

“I am totally, totally satisfied. Transporting the car eased my burden, too, because, we're talking about a six-and-a-half hour commute to pick up the car, another six-and-a-half coming back. So that saved me time, and it also saved me money, too. J&S is very...