Shipping a Ford Edge from MT to IA

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While on vacation in Montana, Mark Bennett and his family bought a SUV, a 2011 Ford Edge, and needed to get it back to their home in Cedar Rapids, IA. Shipping it turned out to be less expensive than driving it themselves, so after a recommendation from the car dealership and an internet search, they settled on J&S Transportation.

“My Dad purchased a vehicle, a 2011 Ford Edge, while we were in Montana on vacation. We had to fly back to Iowa and shipping the SUV was the easiest way to get it back to us,” says Mark. “I was thinking of flying back out and drive it back, but it was cheaper this way.”

“The place we bought it from, Laurel Ford, recommended you guys to us, but I decided to get online and search myself. I needed to ship it from Billings, Montana and you guys were the first ones that came up when I searched. I’m a web developer, and I was impressed by your web site, so I decided to go with you. The fact that I found you guys on the web and you were the one that Laurel Ford suggested just kind of meshed up.”

“The J&S office was very thorough as far as letting us know what the plan was. The follow-ups were great. They were extremely concerned with making sure it got here and that we were satisfied. It actually got here quicker than I thought it would, so that was pretty impressive.”

“It was supposed to leave last Thursday and be here Monday or Tuesday. I got a call saying that they were picking it up Friday morning, and they would call and let us know when they were going to get here. The next thing I know, the driver is calling on Saturday and says, ’Hey, I’m here if you want to come get it.’ He went from Montana to Iowa in a little over a day. I was pretty impressed by that.”

“I liked everything about having the car shipped by J&S. I can’t say one thing over the other; they all of impressed me. The customer service was great; the follow-up calls, making sure everything was good to go, making sure the car arrived without any scratches or damage, stuff like that. I was really impressed with the customer service. The speed of the delivery was also surprising and much appreciated. I don’t want to put anything above the other; I thought everything was fantastic, customer service through the delivery, you name it. It was all impressive. Things were great.”

“Based on my experience, I would absolutely ship another car with you, personally, and I would definitely recommend J&S . Without a doubt I would recommend you.”

Bottom line is everything we dealt with was fantastic. Obviously I would have liked to have saved a little money, but it was cheaper than flying out there and driving it back myself, so I have no complaints.