Classic Car Transport: Extra Care Required

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Transport Tips

It’s no secret that Americans love their cars like a fat boy loves cake.

This love of automobiles is especially strong among classic car enthusiasts.

Just think of all the vintage and exotic car shows, parades, and groups that populate the country from coast to coast. People love, and baby, their vintage vehicles, and those vehicles repay them by giving years of quality time together on the road.

Brought Back From the Grave

Buying and owning a classic car is not only a huge investment of time and money, it’s a labor of love. Our friends at Graveyard Carz feel this way about every car they resurrect at their shop in Oregon.

While the condition the cars arrive in is, shall we say, less than cherry…

Once Mark Worman and his crew of graveyard Ghouls work their magic, the MOPAR cars are restored to surpass their former glory. So if someone buys one of the cars featured on the show, they’ll want a car shipper to take care of their new baby like the work of art it is.

Graveyard Carz
J&S driver Ben Rodriguez hanging out with Mark Worman at the Graveyard Carz Shop.

Transporting an exotic or classic car takes extra care and experience from the transporter who’s shipping your car. When owners of rare, restored, or highly expensive cars have to transport their vehicle, they want to know that it’s in safe and experienced hands.

Crash Course: Motorsports History

America is a nation of constant motion. American families move on average every 5 years or so.

Interstate highways brought the freedom of the open road to new heights in the 1950s. After that, most Americans were hopelessly in love with having a car of their own to go exploring with.

Driving fast and living dangerously has been around far longer than that though. Did you know, that the stock cars we now most commonly associate with NASCAR were actually the bootleggers’ secret to evading the cops?

These cars are the definition of “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Sneakily modified, so way, way more power lay under the hood than the eye could see.

Regardless which era your vintage car is from, it’s a treasured possession. That’s why when you ship your pride and joy, you need to make sure it arrives at its destination without incurring any damage along the way.

Choosing a Transport Company for Your Classic Car

If you’ve done your research and shopped around, you’ll be much more at ease whenever you need to ship your classic car.

When you’re researching, it should be easy to check previous customer’s reviews of the transport company. You should look for a car delivery service that has a track record of successfully transporting exotic, antique, and classic cars.

You want to rest assured that the company moving your car knows how to effectively and efficiently handle any problems that may arise.

Make sure the auto transport carrier is fully insured, bonded and licensed. That way, in case there is damage to your vehicle while in transit, it’s much easier getting your vehicle restored by the company.

This is an extra step, but you’ll want to consider whether you want to use an open or enclosed trailer. Open transport is less expensive, but the risk of damage is much lower when you use an enclosed trailer.

Like all auto transport customers, classic car shipping customers should get multiple quotes from a variety of auto transport companies.

Beware of unusually low quotes — that may be a sign of a less than reputable carrier. Make sure you know the difference between an auto transport broker and a carrier before you decide which service is the right one for you.

Once you’ve booked transportation for your classic ride, you’ll need to prepare it for transport. Probably the smartest thing you can do is wash the car before it’s picked up.

This makes it a lot easier for you and the carrier to do a proper vehicle inspection report, and that helps avoid damage claim problems.

Classic Car Transport From J&S Is the Best In the Business

“I’ve researched vehicle moving a lot and there are a lot of horror stories online. I’ve avoided using a shipping company in the past, but I chose you guys because you have your own fleet, and you’re not just a broker.”

Jack did his research, and it paid off! At J&S Transportation, we know you love your car, and we will take care of it as if it were our own.

At J&S, we do primarily open transport, and our online quotes are for open transport, but we arrange enclosed transport all the time for our restored car-loving clientele.

Since starting our company in 2001, we’ve shipped many classic and restored vehicles across the US. In short, we’ve had lots of practice giving the special care and attention needed to make sure these vehicles arrive safely and damage free.

We know how to get the job done right.

Get a quote to see the cost to ship your classic car and book your auto transport order today with J&S, and let us deliver your baby to its new destination safely, quickly, and damage free! We look forward to being your auto transport company of choice.