Classic 1967 Chevelle shipped from PA to MT

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Jack Wade buys vehicles all the time, but has been reluctant to have them shipped by car transport companies. Recently, Jack bought his dream car, a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle, from a seller in Uniontown, PA, and needed to get to his home in Missoula, MT. He had researched auto transport companies in the past and remembered J&S from his previous research.

“This was my dream car, but I couldn’t afford it at first. I spent seven years studying this particular model, this particular year. And when I finally made the decision to buy it was a culmination of a long time coming,” says Jack.

“I didn’t want to drive a restored 1967 car 2,100 miles when it’s only been driven 150 miles in the last seven years. It just didn’t seem like the right way to treat it. So I needed to get it from the seller in Uniontown, PA, to my home in Missoula, MT.”

“I’ve researched vehicle moving a lot and there are a lot of horror stories online. I’ve avoided using a shipping company in the past, but I chose you guys because you have your own fleet and you’re not just a broker.”

“I have not had a bad experience myself, but when you’re researching online, it’s quite a big business, and there’s no shortage of reviews and bad stories to the point where I’ve been reluctant to do it in the past. I’ve ridden a bus from Montana to Eugene, OR, to pick up a motorcycle because I didn’t want to ship it. I drove from Montana to Arizona to pick up a boat because I didn’t want to ship it.”

“The last time I bought an old pickup in New Mexico and I flew down there and drove it back. I wanted to ship it; I researched it and I remembered your company’s name, and I remembered that it was in Montana. So I was inclined to ship it, but I didn’t have the guts because of all the horror stories.”

“When I bought the Chevelle, I remembered your name from the last time I did the research and I read a bunch of transportation reviews. And frankly, when I called I was not committed to it, but I felt like the way Joe handled it; sincerely and not in a rush; it didn’t seem like someone just trying to rush through trying to get someone to sign up. It felt like you would when you go to a regular business; I felt much more trusting after talking to Joe.”

“The most positive thing about shipping the car with J&S was unusual in that we had a problem. The car was damaged in shipment, and you’d think that would leave someone with a bad taste in their mouth. But it was handled extremely well, both by the person I originally dealt with, Joe, and particularly Gloria.”

“As it turned out, you ended up not having one of your own trucks nearby and had to broker it. The damage was an accident and not negligence, but you guys treated it like it was on your own truck or was your own car and responded really quickly. And I was super relieved with how it was handled.”

“I paid extra to have it on top having read about cars leaking and whatnot on other cars. But I didn’t really give it any consideration of rocks bouncing down the highway. It was loaded facing backwards an something broke the back window, and there were some scratches on one quarter panel. So it wasn’t someone being bad at their job, it was just something that happened, you know?”

“There’s no shortage of stories of cars being damaged during transport where the shipping company wouldn’t return calls, ‘you’re on your own’ kind of thing. This is a show car, it’s my dream car. I’ve always wanted one and I spent seven years looking and this thing won top 10 at the car show. So to see it show up like that was pretty stressful. But like they say, you learn more from a problem than you do from something going smoothly.”

“J&S asked me for photos of the car when it was picked up and when it was delivered. Fortunately, the seller took photos of the car as it was being loaded onto the truck. I was unable to meet the car when it arrived, but I had a friend meet it and fortunately he took pictures of the car with the trailer still in the background, so there was no question the damage happened during the transport.”

“And then you guys got the receipt and in a short period of time and agreed to take care of the repairs. I called Joe who I had originally dealt with. Within 24 hours Gloria called me and within I’d say 2 to 3 days, I was told by Gloria that you guys had it covered… from an estimate from the body shop estimate that I sent her.”

“When I need to ship a vehicle again, I’ll use J&S and I’d recommend them to other people.I wouldn’t even call anybody else now to be honest with you.”