Nissan NV2500 shipped from ID to MT

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Reviews

Cheryl Chapman shopped around for a car transporter to get her vehicle from Boise, ID, to Missoula, MT. Wading through a sea of emails and phone calls, a personal recommendation led her to J&S Transportation. Our auto shipping quote opened the door, but it was our customer service that sealed the deal for her. But let Cheryl tell you:

“I recently bought a 2012 Nissan NV2500 and needed to get it delivered to me in Missoula, MT. Once my name went out on the circuit I honestly got a barrage of phone calls, and emails, and whatever,” says Cheryl. “J&S were recommended to me by the dealership out of Boise, Idaho. They said that they had dealt with J&S before and they were timely and reliable.”

“I had gotten a number of estimates from other people, but having a personal recommendation from somebody made a big difference. I’ve read online about the number of transport companies that are out there, and they’re mainly brokers or dispatchers instead of actually doing the transporting themselves.”

“J&S’s estimate was very reasonable, and the personal recommendation sealed the deal for me. I just went, ‘I’m going to run with your guys.'”

“Once I booked with J&S, Brad did a really great job of keeping me up on things. He seemed a very trustworthy guy and I didn’t have to worry about putting down a deposit and having problems getting my vehicle delivered.”

“He always kept me in the loop. I also called him to check in with him because it was around the Christmas holiday and I wasn’t as predictably in my office as I would normally be and I didn’t have my cell phone. Brad warned me that the holidays could pose some problems with people getting time off and whatnot. He definitely went the extra mile to keep me informed about where the driver was at and where a good place to meet was once the car was here to be delivered.”

“A combination of things stood out with J&S. First, the cost was attractive. For me to take time off or send one of my guys to Boise to pick up the vehicle and drive it back to Missoula would not have been as cost-effective as hiring J&S to do it.”

“Second, Brad was a good person on the phone, a nice, sincere-sounding person. I do a lot of work by phone and I notice things like that. He was a good person to be in contact with.”

“We’re in Montana and having somebody that seemed to have his finger on what was going on, that wasn’t a huge company just fielding calls and having somebody that you can call to check on things made a big difference. Having personal contact with him, knowing I could pick up the cell phone, call him, and get a response, there was a connectivity that I appreciate in business.”

“Having the van, which is a good-sized van, delivered to our door looking just fine, especially when this whole delivery thing was in between weekends and holidays, Brad’s communications, they were all part of a nice package, so no complaints.”

Having personal contact, knowing I could pick up the cell phone and get a response, there was a connectivity that I appreciate in business.

“I would definitely use J&S again. I’d easily give them a call for the next vehicle that I have to move.”

“In lieu of dealing with all of the other people that are out there, bombarding you and calling you to do business with them, I would just say, ‘Go with J&S because they can get the job done.'”

Thanks, Cheryl. At J&S we definitely take pride in getting the job done.