2013 Dodge Charger shipped for first time auto transport customer

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Steve and Susan Seiler recently bought a 2013 Dodge Charger from Mountain Home Auto Ranch in Mountain Home, ID, as a gift for their son and needed it shipped to their home in Windsor, CO. Being first time auto transport customers, they relied on a recommendation from the dealership and booked their auto shipping order with J&S. We took care of the rest.

“We were looking for a car for our son for when he turns 16. He’s not 16 yet, but the car, a 2013 Dodge Charger, was available and it was a really good deal, so we decided to jump on it,” says Susan. “We hope it’ll get him through college, as well.”

“My husband was given you guys’ information from the dealership, Mountain Home Auto Ranch. Based off the dealer’s recommendation we decided to give J&S a shot because we had nothing else to go on because this was the first time we’ve shipped a car.”

“I was a little worried because we had no experience shipping cars. The reason we were nervous was due to all the damage disclaimers that were listed. It said the insurance wouldn’t cover damaged to the paint job caused by battery acid or other fluid from another vehicle leaking onto our car, or rocks or anything hitting the car from the roadway that could ding the paint job. The disclaimer said that’s not covered. It just made me worry a little bit because I didn’t know if the vehicle would be on the top or the bottom.”

“The transport went really well. I’m pleased with that. At the end of the day, there was no damage done to the car whatsoever. The car was great. Everything was great. I don’t have anything negative to say about any part of it. The driver Kurt and Gary in the dispatch office were always very courteous. In terms of communication, the delivery, and all that stuff, we’re really pleased. It went well.”

“Kurt communicated well along the way, and the car was delivered on time. I believe we originally talked about a Friday delivery, but it ended up being delivered the following day, the Saturday, which was still within the time range we were given. Saturday ended up being a better day than Friday anyway because I wanted my husband and son to be able to be there. That ended up working out just fine.”

What most impressed me I guess was the communication. We were in the loop with the driver from the moment he picked the car up, and we knew how to reach him. He was very willing to deal with us bugging him, although I don’t think we bugged him very much. He said to call him or text him at any point and he’d let us know where he was and how things were going. I’d say the communication was what we appreciated the most; we knew where the driver was pretty much the whole time.

“I guess the other thing I liked was that they put our car on top. I was very appreciative of that. Obviously, they could’ve put it somewhere else, but they put it on the top. I did like that.”

“I definitely would recommend J&S because, like I said, overall, the experience was good. We really don’t have any complaints, at all. It went really well.”

Thanks for the opportunity, Susan. Makes sure to tell your friends!