Ford F-150 bought on eBay shipped from Washington to Montana

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Reviews

Ed Chapman bought a 1978 Ford F-150 from a vintage vehicle seller on eBay and needed to get it from Clarkston, WA, to Billings, MT. An on-line search for auto transport companies led him to J&S Transportation. Our website impressed him and put his mind at ease, so he decided to give us a try. He found our quote to be reasonable and our customer service to be fantastic.

“I purchased a ’78 Ford Pickup on eBay. Once I won the auction I started looking at transportation options, and the guy I bought the truck from actually, has a shipping service as well. I wanted to get a quote comparison, so I got online and I found J&S transportation,” said Ed. “One thing I liked about them is I live in Billings, Montana, and they have an office here in Billings. I felt good about using someone local.”

“I got a quote and I sent that to the seller to see if he could match it. He said, ‘No, I can’t do that.’ I felt like I was getting a competitive rate from J&S and the other guy didn’t even want to try to make a counter. He just said, ‘I can’t do it for that. So you guys can ship it.’”

“It was the first time that I shipped a vehicle, and the website was fantastic. It’s step-by-step, great question and answer, and the videos that are on there just gave me the feeling, the confidence, that they were a reputable company and that they would do what they say when they say it. I called the J&S office and got a lot of support. They answered all my questions.”

“I sent the quote over on a Friday, late in the afternoon, and J&S called me back to confirm it. They said they wouldn’t be able to do anything over the weekend, but they’d get this thing rolling on Monday and I got the vehicle on Thursday.”

“Thursday morning I got a call from one of the drivers, and they let me know that they had the vehicle picked up and that they were heading my direction. Later on that day, they called again and said they’re going to be in Billings that night and asked if I wanted to get the truck that evening. They weren’t able to get their semi into where I work, so we decided to meet after work at a truck stop not far from my work.”

“I got tied up on a couple of things and I was running really late. I called the driver and said I’m going to be another 15, 20 minutes. He was really professional, patient, polite, and easy to work with. The weather was horrible that day. It was snowing and raining. I thought they weren’t even going to be able to get the truck here because of the weather.”

“When I got to the truck stop the driver already had my truck unloaded. He had to work in some pretty bad conditions to get it unloaded but it was sitting there ready for me to drive it away. I pulled up and jumped out, got the paperwork done, and I was ready to be on my way.”

“The truck was almost out of gas when I picked it up. The driver said, ‘Hey, you’d better go ahead and get some gas.’ We were close to a gas station at the truck stop, so I went over and I filled it up but the thing has two gas tanks. I didn’t know where the switch was to change the tanks, so I take off and ran out of gas.”

“As I walked across the parking lot to go back over to get my other vehicle, the driver jumps out and says, ‘Hey, have you got any problems? Do you need some help getting your truck back in the parking lot? I can give you a jump start or whatever you need.’”

“The driver was willing helping me even after all the paperwork was signed and he was basically done with the transaction. He was still willing to help me out, and I thought that was cool. That kind of personal touch is one of the things I really liked about working with J&S.”

“What really impressed me about J&S were their professionalism and the confidence I had in them after talking to them. I had previously bid on a vehicle on eBay that I didn’t end up winning, but I did shop around to get shipping rates. I got calls, 10 or 15 calls a day, for a week from all these shipping companies quoting me prices. It was really overbearing. J&S didn’t do that.”

“J&S were very professional, polite, and they didn’t squabble on the quote. The quote they gave me was what I paid. Everything went off without a hitch. They did exactly what they said they would do, and they delivered my truck within the window they told me.”

If I ever ship another vehicle J&S is the only company that I’ll use, and I would absolutely recommend them. I won’t even have to shop around for quotes. I know J&S are very fair priced, very reliable, and professional.

Next time you win an eBay auction, we’ll be more than happy to get your vehicle to you, Ed. Thanks for the kind words.