Transport of 2009 Crown Victoria from WA to CA

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Ray Crawford of the TSA station at SeaTac Airport needed to ship a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria from the Seattle TSA office to LAX. An internet search led him to J&S. Regulations dictated that he go with the lowest quote. In this case, that was us.

“We were requested to ship a car, a TSA K9 unit, from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport to LAX’s TSA K9 unit,” says Ray. “We needed to ship the car, a 2009 Crown Victoria; because each K9 handler needs a vehicle for his dog and to save cost we transfer vehicles between different duty stations instead of getting new vehicles.”

“I have received several vehicles from different states before, but this is the first time I was actually shipping a vehicle out. I got on Google and searched for auto transport for the Seattle area. J&S was one of the companies that came up the first page.”

“Regulations said I needed to get three quotes and J&S was the cheapest so we went with them. I called them up and made arrangements. You guys usually charge 10% up front and 90% later, but we couldn’t do that because we’re a government agency. We called J&S back up and said we can’t split the cost, the 90 and 10% thing. The dispatcher said no problem and forwarded us to the billing department and they took care of it, no problem.”

“We paid the fee up front and the vehicle was picked up the following week. The driver came and we did the inspection for the condition report with him. He had the diagram of the vehicle and noted all the scratches, rust spots, if it’s dirty, and stuff like that.”

“We handed him the keys and he loaded it up on the truck. He took on Friday and it showed up in El Segundo on Tuesday. I got confirmation from my contact in El Segundo that the vehicle arrived in the same condition it left in and we completed the transfer paperwork.”

Everything went smoothly and as promised; it was great.

“I would definitely us J&S again, but it all depends. I need to get three quotes and I have to go with the lowest. This time, you were the lowest of the three. So that’s the stipulation I’ve got to work within.”