1976 Ford Bronco shipped from UT to MT

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Shon Hasselman bought a 1976 Ford Bronco and needed it moved from Bountiful, Utah, to Kalispell, Montana. Having no auto transport experience, a recommendation from his wife’s uncle led him to J&S. Our customer service took over from there.

“I bought a 1976 Ford Bronco from a lady in Utah. It was her late husband’s Bronco and she didn’t want to drive it anymore,” said Shon. “I’ve never had a vehicle transported before. I got online, and there are just so many companies and so many things pop up that it I didn’t even know which one to pick.”

“My wife’s uncle is a dispatcher for another trucking company that hauls freight, so I called him and he recommended J&S. He said that’s who they recommend to everybody. They have dealt with J&S in the past and everybody they know that has done business with them likes them, so that’s who he recommended.”

“I was real nervous just because, like I said, I’ve never shipped a truck before, but everything turned out great. The Bronco had a soft top side inside. I was worried about it getting lost, worried about damage to the vehicle, which I wouldn’t know if it was there before or not, because I didn’t get to see it before I bought it, other than pictures, but pictures never do anything justice.”

“The dispatchers I talked to were really nice, and then the driver was really nice. Their professionalism made me not worry about it too much, and then everything turned out great. The first time I called you guys was on Sunday evening. The on-call guy called back really quickly and was really nice. He never got grumpy or anything. I’m not a customer; I’ve never done any business with them but he took the time to he talk me through the website and how to use it to place my order online.”

“We had a few hiccups along the way, but J&S and the driver took care of it. The driver couldn’t get the truck into the residential neighborhood where the truck was located, and the Bronco had problems with the brakes. I was told they worked, but they didn’t work properly probably because it sat for a while. J&S took care of getting a tow truck to get the Bronco to the driver and on the trailer. The driver paid for it, and I had to pay him back, but instead of making me deal with it they took care of it for me, which was nice.”

“Overall, everything went really well. I don’t think it could’ve been any better. The fact that J&S went the mile extra impressed me. They took care of the tow truck. They worked with my schedule and the seller’s schedule. She had some event that she was supposed to be at, and they worked around her schedule. They didn’t try to tell anybody that they had to be anywhere at a certain time. I just don’t see how it could’ve gone smoother, really.”

I would recommend J&S because it was really easy, and if a guy crunches the numbers it’s way cheaper than trying to go get a vehicle yourself. It’s less stressful, too, because it’s not your problem until your car shows up at your house.

Thanks, Shon. If you need another vehicle transported, we’ll be here.