93 Honda Civic shipped for soldier while serving overseas

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Russ James’ son is stationed in Afghanistan and recently bought a 1993 Honda Civic from a dealership in Shoreline, WA, and needed to ship it to Crowley, TX. Since he was overseas, it fell to Russ to handle the particulars of the auto transport. He found the J&S way of doing business exceeded his expectations.

“My son is in Afghanistan and was buying a 1993 Honda Civic from a dealership in Washington and needed it shipped to his home is in Crowley, TX,” says Russ. “Because my son is overseas, I was the one who handled the transport of the car after it was purchased. We used J&S based on the recommendation of the guy at the dealership.”

“J&S was notified by Glen at Rich’s Car Corner, the dealership, when the transaction was completed. J&S contacted me immediately to let me know that they would stay on top of things and boy did they ever. I was on the road driving to Colorado and back, and I really appreciated that J&S was on top of making the arrangements.”

“J&S called me whenever we needed to confirm arrangements. Everything went smoothly and I mean perfectly. J&S didn’t push me; they just asked questions and kept in touch with Glen and with me. When it came time for all the paperwork to be completed, J&S jumped all over it and the car was here within a few days all the way from Seattle.”

“After the car was picked up, Jesse, the driver, followed suit and stayed in touch with me. He told me where he was on the road when he was on his way. He told me where he was when he got into Texas. He told me where he was when he was in Grand Prairie. He told me when he was at the destination we requested. Everything worked out beautifully and smoothly with no glitches. I was in the hospital during the latter part of the transport, so it was a lot nicer that Brad was so on top of things.”

J&S has things put together to such a degree where everyone does the right thing for their customers. Your people are the ones that helped me feel comfortable and in fact you pulled through and it worked. Everything came together great and there was never a loss of communication.

“I was self employed for 44 years and it’s rare that you come in contact with any company who is on top of it as much as J&S. I have had several cars shipped previously. The last one I had shipped was from North Carolina. The seller drove it here, but he didn’t keep in touch with me and it was kind of a surprise when he got here and dropped the car off. I had a lot of follow up questions and other things that I had to do that J&S did on my behalf this time. That was great.”

“I really appreciated the J&S crew’s attitude on the phone, htheir promptness returning my calls, and them doing everything they said they were gonna do, everything I asked them to do. I mean, that is such an asset to the company; athey took the edge off any worries I had from the very first phone call. J&S said they would stay on top of it and they followed through and did just that.”

“I would absolutely recommend J&S and use you guys again. You bet I would. In fact, I’m kind of in the old car business. I’ve got a Model T and a ’56 Olds and ’47 Continental Coupe I’m looking to sell and I go to car shows all the time, and I told J&S they would be the first company I’d go to for me and for all my friends too.”

“Everything has been perfect and I honestly mean that I have never dealt with any company where everyone did their part so well. Thank you.”