Honda Accord shipped from Portland, OR, to Boston

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Reviews

Carol Sherwood of San Diego, CA, needed to ship her daughter’s car, a 2007 Honda Accord, from Portland, OR, to Boston, MA. She didn’t have any experience with the auto transport industry and didn’t know what to expect. She found J&S following the recommendation from a car dealership. J&S’s crew took it from there.

“My daughter lives in Boston. This was her car, but my son was using it in Portland. He got a truck and so we decided to ship her car to instead selling it,” says Carol.

“We’re in San Diego so we called a Honda dealer in Eugene, Kendall Honda, and I asked them if they had any suggestions for shipping cars and they gave me J&S’s name. A lot of car dealers knew them; they need a lot of cars transported, so we felt they would know the best one to pick.”

“I followed their recommendation. I trusted the dealer. They said that you guys have transported a lot of cars for them, so I said ‘okay, well that must be the way to go.’”

“We’d never shipped a car before so we had some worries, mainly we just didn’t want the car to get to Boston too early; my daughter wasn’t going to be back in Boston for a couple weeks and we wanted to make sure the car wasn’t just going to be sitting somewhere for days.”

“I called J&S and I talked with Joe. I really appreciated being able to be in contact with someone and getting answers to my questions. He set it up so that the transport truck picked up the car a few days later than when we dropped it off, so it would arrive around the same time that my daughter was going to be there. When we dropped off the car at the Portland transport center, they didn’t really give us any paperwork, but Joe was able to make the arrangements no problem.”

“Once the car was picked up the transport went fine. The amount of time to ship it was fine. The condition it was in was fine. The only hang-up we had was getting my daughter to understand when the car was going to be delivered since that was kind of up in the air. When the driver called an hour out, she thought she was supposed to go and meet him where he was versus him coming to meet her. At that point I talked to Joe, he then talked to the driver and then talked to my daughter who then figured out they were going to go to her versus her trying to get on a bus or taking a Uber or taxi or something to try to meet him somewhere. So he was able to accommodate getting the car to where she was.”

“Basically, she was able to have the driver meet at her work, which had a really big parking lot. I think the only thing that we just got hung up on was that we didn’t really have a specific location to have it dropped off at. It was just kind of general pick up in Portland and drop off in Boston, so we didn’t really coordinate anything closer up until about an hour before they were going to get there.”

“What really made this easy on us was having someone, Joe, available on the phone to answer my questions and answering my emails promptly; he took care of everything and kept us informed so knew so we didn’t really have to worry about it.”

“During the whole time and he was in direct contact with me, figuring out the pickup and everything. He was helpful to my daughter, too, when she was trying to arrange the delivery in Boston when we didn’t really have an address to send it to. He answered all our calls and he was there to help us.”

I would recommend J&S. They accommodated our schedule and made sure that the vehicle wasn’t picked up too early, and arranged to get it Boston after my daughter got there. We just really appreciated Joe working with us because we really didn’t know what we were doing. It was super helpful to be able to call him and to have him respond so promptly. That was the most important thing for us.