2000 Chevy Silverado transported from Boone, Iowa, to Arvada, Colorado.

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Justine Oehlert needed to ship a 2000 Chevy Silverado from her mother’s home in Boone, Iowa, to her home in Arvada, Colorado. After getting a few different auto transport quotes and researching the auto transport companies she was interested in, she settled on J&S Transportation to transport her truck.

“I found J&S off the internet. I did a Google search for car transport and you guys were one of the sites that came up,” says Justine. “I went with J&S for a couple reasons. It was one of the lower quotes and when we looked at customer reviews on J&S and other sites, all the reviews looked really good.”

“Since I hadn’t done this before I had a few worries going in, particularly the convenience of the pick-up of my truck. I thought it might take longer than you guys thought it would take. When we were doing research and reading the reviews, most of the companies were so much more expensive, and they keep warning you that you should not go with the cheapest quote because you get what you pay for. J&S was a couple hundred dollars lower than everyone else but I got more than I paid for.”

“The Silverado needed to be picked up by a certain date from my mom in Boone, IA, because she had a graduation party she had to be at. J&S picked up the truck fine and then they called us a couple days later saying it was going to be delivered on such and such a day and they would call me a couple hours before they arrived.”

“The only complaint I have really is I didn’t get any calls that day, and when I did get a call the next day I didn’t get a two hour window. The driver called and said he’d be there in 25 minutes. So it was kind of a last minute thing.”

“However, the positives totally outweighed that little negative. When the truck was delivered it was in a parking lot very close to my house since the transport truck wasn’t able to come into my neighborhood. During the transport the battery had shifted and it jammed into the interior frame, kind of where the wheel well is, and the hot lead was touching the frame and it drained the battery. So when he went to take it off the truck, it wouldn’t start so the driver actually helped me push the truck into a parking space. We had to push it about 65 or 70 feet and it was uphill and he helped me do that. Then we got the hood open and he helped me jump it. Most places would be like ‘your own your own, see ya lady,’ but he helped me push it and he helped me jump it and it just totally rocked.”

“There were a lot of things I liked about working with J&S. In the beginning when I was just getting on the website trying to get quotes, I got emails and was called back right away. A lot of companies are kind of like they don’t care if they get your business or not. There was very good communication from the beginning. And like I said, the driver was great. Not many people now a days would have helped me push the truck and jump it, too. I mean, he went beyond the call of duty, way beyond the call of duty.”

“The entire transport took a lot of stress off me because I did not have the time to go back to Iowa and drive the truck here to Colorado. Plus seeing all the good reviews and everything, it was just put my mind at ease. And with a couple phone calls I knew everything was being taken care of. I had no stress. In fact, working with J&S was an alleviation of stress.”

I would definitely recommend shipping a vehicle with J&S because looking back it really was stress free. Once we made the plan and put the deposit down, it was stress free. It’s nice to have everything taken care of for you.

Thanks Justine. If you’re ever need to ship another car, we look forward to being the first call you make.