Ford Mustang delivered from OR to WA

by | May 23, 2014 | Reviews

Richard Hook recently bought a 2006 Ford Mustang from a dealership in Oregon and wanted to ship it to his home in Ocean Shores, WA. When the dealership couldn’t find a company to do the transport, Richard got online and found J&S Transportation.

“I had shipped a car before. It’s been a few years, but I’d had a car brought up from California to my home in Ocean Shores, WA, probably ten years ago,” says Richard. “I bought it sight unseen from a dealer and had them ship the car up to me.”

“This time I bought a 2006 Ford Mustang from West Coast Auto Enthusiasts in Portland, OR. Todd at West Coast couldn’t find anybody that would ship the car for us so I went online and punched in ‘car transportation in Washington’ and found you guys.”

“I went on your site, punched up my estimate really quick and actually booked it online. The ordering was real easy and worked out really well. I was amazed.”

“Then I got a call from the J&S dispatch office. I talked to them and said I was in Arizona and needed the car delivered to a friend’s house so he could keep an eye on it til I got home. J&S took care of arranging the transport with Todd down in Portland. Next thing I knew, the car was on its way.”

The whole thing came off really well. I’m really happy with how quickly it was brought up here, and my friend said the car was absolutely perfectly fine when he got it, so everything worked out really well.

“The best part about working with J&S was just how easy everything was. It was just so easy to book the shipping; the website, like I said, was really easy to use, even for a dummy! Plus the car was picked up and delivered very quickly.”

“Everything worked out really well. In fact, when I get back home, I’ve got a car I might have to ship back down here, so I’ll definitely give J&S a call again.”

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future, Richard.