Land Rover Discovery bought online shipped from Utah to Montana

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Sunshine Prince of Red Lodge, MT, was car shopping online and found a 2002 Land Rover Discovery at a dealership in Salt Lake City. After she bought it, she needed ship it from Salt Lake City to Billings, MT. After an internet search and a few calls to some other auto transport companies, she called J&S. Our people did the rest.

“I found the vehicle, a 2002 Land Rover Discovery, online at Prestman Auto in Salt Lake City,” says Sunshine. “I started looking at the pictures, and because of its low mileage, 63,000, I thought I’d buy it.”

“I don’t have time to drive to Salt Lake City to pick up a car and I also didn’t want to fly by myself. I run a business from home and your time is precious. It’s just hard to get away to do anything and it was definitely cost-efficient to ship the car instead. I had a girlfriend who had a car delivered and she said ‘Look online for trucking.’ She couldn’t remember what trucking company she had used, so I started searching around.”

“I got online. There are always three or four companies in the box at the top of the page, but I never use those; you click on them and they just take you to some random thing. The advertising is so overwhelming. I always go under those advertisements before I start clicking, and J&S was the top of that.”

“I’m a professional and I expect people on the other line to be the same. I called a couple other car transport companies and I ended up getting the runaround. One hung up on me; the guy couldn’t find any of the info, he couldn’t seem to type in the zip code. I tried to give them the benefit of a doubt; it was his first day maybe. I have no idea. He just was fumbling, he didn’t seem to be able to give me the info I wanted; his computer was down, he needed to ask somebody else. He wasn’t able to give me any info.”

“The second company I called, his language wasn’t professional, and the call got cut off. I said, ‘I’m not dealing with somebody that can’t work a phone to deliver my car.’”

“I called J&S and Carol answered the phone. I told her I wanted to ship a car from Salt Lake City to Billings and she said, ‘Hold on, I’ll give you a dispatch person,’ and she transferred me to Joe.”

“Joe seemed like a really good guy; honest, professional, and that’s what I like to deal with. If you’re going to shoot from the hip, you’re in on my circle, my loop. That’s how you should be with somebody. He immediately put my mind at ease when he got on the phone. I just felt comfortable because he knew what he was talking about. Within minutes we had arranged the transport.”

“They picked up the vehicle on Friday and it was in Billings on Monday. J&S stored it in an enclosed area until I was able to get down there from Red Lodge to pick it up the next day.”

I had never shipped a car before, but now I know who I’ll use going forward. In fact I’m selling a car and I’m getting a lot of calls from people out of state and I’m going to refer them to J&S.

It was such a great experience altogether. From the phone call to getting my vehicle delivered. Joe was really professional informative and J&S gave me the best price. They answered all my questions. I was very impressed with J&S. They were good guys. J&S were just the best overall on everything. Customer service was huge.