BMW 355i shipped “across the continent safely” by J&S

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Reviews

Dorina Motora of Kelowna, British Columbia, wanted to get her 2008 BMW 355i to her son away at college in Dearborn, MI. Preferring a US auto hauler, she looked online for a car delivery service. Our competitive quote and a personal recommendation led her to choose J&S for the transport of her vehicle.

“I’m in Canada and I needed to ship my car to my son who goes to college back east,” says Dorina. “I drove from Kelowna, B.C., to Spokane to put it on a U. S. transporter. I went with J&S for two reasons: the auto transport quote J&S gave me was competitive in price, and you were recommended to me by someone I trust.”

“Those were two big things for me, and I wanted to go with someone who has a great reputation, and you have a great rating from the Better Business Bureau.”

“J&S said that it was possible to have the car picked up within three days, which is exactly what happened, and it was delivered in four days after that all the way to Detroit, Michigan. The car arrived in perfect shape, as I left it, and as I said, it was delivered halfway across the continent in four days. It was really unbelievable. I expected 15 days to 24.”

“The communication was great. J&S were always there to answer questions and ready to help. They told me the car was going to be brokered for about half the trip with a partner company, but they put their reputation behind them as well.”

“I was really happy with the customer service. J&S took care of the arrangements and made sure that the car was picked up by the soonest available date. It came together in three days. In three days, you had someone for me who could pick up the car in Spokane and take it across to Michigan.”

“The driver called me the day before he arrived to let me know when he was going to get to Michigan. He was punctual. He arrived there just on time.”

I got many estimates from different brokers and some were cheaper than the one I got from J&S, but I don’t regret one minute having spent a little bit more for peace of mind and for the car to be delivered to my son safely.

“All in all, I would recommend J&S because they delivered the car safely, because of their reputation, and because of their communication. You communicate with the people, you don’t leave them hanging.”

“J&S got my car across the continent safely and in record time, and I am very happy about that.”

So are we, Dorina. So are we.