Ford F-250 shipped from Idaho to Missouri

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Phil Greenfield of Overland Park, KS, has shipped vehicles before. He knows the auto transport business from the customer side. He recently bought a 1980 Ford F250 from a person in Caldwell, ID, and needed it shipped to his home in Overland. After not having any luck with auto transport brokers, he decided to go a different route. That route led to J&S Transportation.

“I’m in Overland Park, Kansas and bought the vehicle, a 1980 Ford F250, from a private individual up in Idaho and needed to get it shipped after I purchased it,” says Phil. “The truck was in Caldwell, Idaho, and I was looking for somebody local because getting trucks out of Idaho coming to the Kansas City area is sometimes difficult.”

“I’ve shipped a couple vehicles before through brokers. There are some states that are just inherently difficult to get vehicles out of and Idaho is one of them. There are not a lot of people moving vehicles through that state.”

“I initially tried the broker route but wasn’t getting any traction at all. I realized on this particular transport it made more sense to start out with somebody local; that was in the Idaho area because at least they could get the pick-up done, no problem. Going through brokers I wasn’t able to find anybody that could pick it up or even make a commitment to pick it up or get it anywhere close to me once it was picked it up. That’s when I started looking for local auto transport companies.”

“I found J&S on the internet through a Google search. I can’t remember how many transporters I looked at, but you guys were based in Billings, MT, and had a rep or something like that in Boise, and the truck was located just outside Boise. I read your information and saw that you do a lot of work for local dealerships in Idaho and it seemed like it was worth a try.”

“I was most concerned about getting the truck picked quickly because I bought it from a guy and I didn’t want to have it sitting around in his driveway for two weeks while somebody brokered the deal. So that was the primary reason I went with a local company.”

J&S had a good reputation from what I saw and you did exactly what you said you were going to do. I filled out the order form and talked to somebody in the office. He seemed like a straight shooter and wasn’t over promising anything. He also kept me up to speed and let me know what was going on with the pick-up and the transport, and promptly responded to any questions I had. It went down exactly how he said it would and it’s all good. It was a very easy transaction and on top of it, the driver was great. He was very conscientious in getting in touch with us, keeping me informed and delivering the vehicle. So, I’m very satisfied. It was a good experience all the way around.

I’ve shipped vehicles before and it wasn’t bad, but I would just say that having the truck shipped by J&S was the top. The price was fair and it was a very professional experience; they performed better than anyone else I’ve ever used before. You guys did what you said you were going to do.