2006 Mini Cooper shipped from Montana to Arizona for college student

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Reviews

Julie Taylor of Billings, MT, was getting ready to send her daughter off to college in Arizona and wanted her to have her 2006 Mini Cooper. Her brother had previously shipped a car with J&S, so she decided to give us a chance. There were some time constraints on the delivery of the Mini Cooper, but J&S more than accommodated Julie’s time frame. But let her tell you about it:

“We were taking our daughter to school at Arizona State and she was taking her car with her, but we wanted to have it shipped down there instead of driving it,” said Julie.

“My brother had used J&S to send his son’s car to Minnesota when he went off to college, and that’s how I first figured out that we didn’t have to drive it all the way down there if we didn’t want to. His referral is what led us to J&S.”

“I was concerned about the car getting there before we arrived because we were flying in, but I also wanted to have it in her hands before we left to come back home, so I was putting constraints on both sides of the equation.”

“I went online and when I said I wanted to do this and then waited for a call back. The J&S website was easy to use. Literally, after I pushed ‘Enter,’ a couple of hours later J&S called, and I was actually talking to a real person.”

“This was maybe five weeks before we were going to be leaving, and so I was a little concerned, but once J&S called and spoke with me I couldn’t have been happier with the whole thing.”

“I told them I was concerned if the car would get there before we got there what we would do. We gave J&S the car a week before we left on the plane, and I was just concerned it was going to beat us down there. J&S said, ‘Well, we are going to figure this out. Don’t worry.’ I felt very good talking to them.

“J&S called and said that the car was probably going to be there before we got there, but they found a place down there and gave us the address of where it would be and that was perfect.”

We were able to just go pick it up when we got there and we couldn’t have been happier. It was there waiting for us and our daughter had it in her hands before we left, so we didn’t have to worry about her trying to find it in some strange place that she wasn’t familiar with, which was my main concern.

“What most impressed me was once I talked to the J&S dispatchers, everything went completely as they said it would. I was apprehensive because I wasn’t familiar with shipping cars, but I did find out that it’s not an exact science and you are not in control of the car once it’s on the truck – where it might go and when it might get there, and I was just very impressed that what they told me was going to happen is what did happen. We were in touch through the entire process.”

“Working with J&S was wonderful. It was just a very emotional time due to the fact that we were taking our daughter that far away to school and I wanted to leave there having everything she needed and wanted in place. J&S were very reassuring and once they picked up the car they called me several times to say, “Okay. This is the plan.’ They called again and said, ’Okay, the car is on its way, it will be there this day more than likely and I will call and let you know when it is delivered.’ Then they called and said, ‘Okay, it’s there,’ so the transport was very easy and one less thing we needed to stress over.”

“I would absolutely recommend J&S. Usually someone is there when the truck shows up, but we didn’t know anybody there so it’s not like I could ask some family member or friend to go pick it up. J&S went out of their way to make arrangements to drop it somewhere where they knew it would be safe.”

J&S went way out of their way and above and beyond what I expected. I would definitely recommend J&S.

Thank you, Julie. We pride ourselves on our communication, customer service and getting the job done right. We look forward to working for you again in the future.