Shipping a lease swapped vehicle

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Transport Tips

Leasing a vehicle gives you the benefits of ownership without actually having to own the vehicle. It’s essentially like renting a vehicle, and when the lease is up, you turn the car over and can get another new vehicle! If you have the means, it’s almost always better to buy as you end up owning the car, but if you like getting a new vehicle every couple of years, leasing may be the way to go for you.

As leasing has become more popular over the years, lease-swapping has become more popular as well. Sometimes people realize they can’t afford the monthly lease payments, sometimes they just want to get another vehicle. Whatever the reason, when it comes to either trying to unloading a monthly payment you don’t want, or acquiring a new vehicle for less than market rates, lease-swapping may be the avenue for you.

Thanks to websites such as and, picking up a lease at a ridiculously low rate has never been easier (or possible). and are among the most popular sites where people looking to sell their leases list their vehicles.

On top of locking in the original rate, you’ll typically benefit from a cash incentive, as opposed to the usual down payment. And you’ve now got the car for less than a full lease term—say, six months—so theoretically, you have a different new(ish) car at least every year! Finally, it will almost certainly be easier to return the car at the end of term than to sell a car you’d purchased.
So maybe you should lease your next car. Check that—you should lease someone else’s leased car.
leased car transport
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