Shipping 2000 Honda Odyssey shipped from MT to HI via WA

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Reviews

Lynda Nugent’s husband, a US Marine, was transferred to an installation in Hawaii, and she wanted to get his 2000 Honda Odyssey to him as quickly as possible. Their friends in the military referred them to J&S. They needed to get the car from Billings to Tacoma, WA, so it could be shipped off to Honolulu. After Lynda booked the transport, we handled the rest.

“I heard of J&S from my husband. He’s in the military, in the Marine Corps, and he’d heard it was a very reliable transport company. He had other office mates that had used them or had been referred to by people that really appreciated the service that they got from J&S,” says Lynda. “He picked up on that and forwarded the information to me, and I contacted you, and it was a very successful story for us as well.”

“I’d had an auto shipping experience with another company. They were not very reliable. In fact, it was a horrifying experience. They repeatedly rescheduled picking up my vehicle. I didn’t even know if I was going to be here when they were going to pick it up. They rescheduled so many times–and my date to leave was nearing–I was really worried that I would have to leave and have to have my parents take care of it.”

“I had to chase them down. They scheduled the pickup in another town instead of where I was living. Then they only transported it part way and called for more payment, which really amazed me and horrified me. Then, it was supposed to be a complete delivery all the way to Honolulu, but when it got to the Port of Call, they wouldn’t deliver it to the Port of Call because they wanted me to pay still more for the Port of Call as well. So I had two different instances of adding more money to the initial shipping contract. But in the end, we did get it shipped.”

“This time I was not willing to deal with the transport myself. I was just going to hire a friend or somebody to do it, but we were unable to find anybody with our timeframe.
I contacted J&S and they took everything from there.”

“I wanted to ship the vehicle as fast as I could and get it over to him, because his orders are for less than a year, so it was a timely issue in order to make it really pay for itself. J&S worked to get it there as quickly as possible and delivered to the overseas shipping company in Tacoma so that they could get it on the boat and get to our location as fast as possible.”

“J&S worked with us. They picked up the car in Billings and were able to transport it Tacoma, the location where I would be shipping it off overseas to Hawaii. I didn’t even have to do anything. I gave them all the paperwork they needed to ship the car, and they handled everything. I gave them all the documents I would need for them to ship the vehicle for me, and it worked out perfectly.”

“We needed to supply the orders for the military shipping location. We had to have registration, proof of license, insurance, proof that the vehicle was actually ours; assorted different documents like that. We were able to give that to J&S in a packet, and they provided it to the company who shipped it from Tacoma to Honolulu.”

It was wonderful. J&S gave me a quote and they honored the quote. Hands down, it was worth it. The word of mouth about J&S is fabulous and I enjoyed their sense of humor. They were very nice and always accommodating on the phone. They had character, and it came through on the phone. They were very fun to work with. I would definitely endorse shipping with J&S; I definitely would.