Inoperable BMW 300 transported from NM to OR

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Reviews

Kenyon Courts needed to get an inoperable 2005 BMW 330 from Roswell, NM, to Bend, OR. Sifting through emails and Google searches, he came across J&S Transportation. Brad in dispatch did the rest.

“I’d started looking because my family has to move out of their house in New Mexico, where the vehicle is stored, to Bend, OR,” says Kenyon. “It has a bad engine and it doesn’t run and we needed to get it shipped. I started looking all over the web side and once I put the query out, I get hundreds of hundreds of emails. I decided to look for somebody that does work here in Washington and J&S popped up on a Google search. I was looking for a vehicle transports that said Kent, Washington, because I am in Kent.”

“I looked into them and they seemed like a reputable transporter, so I contacted them and we discussed it. After I talked with the dispatch office in Montana, I decided to go with J&S. Plus I was running out of time. J&S was very straight forward. Even thought the vehicle wasn’t working they said they could find me a transporter for it and I decided to go with them. It was a gut feeling. I do that when I am dealing with somebody when I can’t go and actually physically talk to them. And it turned out very well.”

“J&S warned me that because the vehicle is inoperative I might have trouble finding somebody to transport it. I knew this would be a problem or a potential problem, but as it turned out it wasn’t. J&S was able to find a transporter within four or five days who could do it.”

“They picked up the vehicle on time. The driver was professional and I was well pleased with what he did. He contacted me three times during the transport to keep me updated. The delivery was a little bit late; he said he was going to arrive at night and he didn’t make it until the next morning which was fine. I understand situations like that. Basically, he delivered the vehicle when he said he would and there was no damage to the vehicle, so I am very pleased.”

“Mainly, it was the straightforwardness of J&S that impressed me. Most of the transport people who were emailing me and whatnot were saying, ‘Oh, well we can transport it for this amount of dollars.’ When they found out the vehicle was not working, of course, that all changed. The quote went from a $1,000 to $1,800 and I didn’t want to pay a really high fee.”

J&S was straight forward from the beginning. They said there might be a problem because the car was not running. As it turned out it wasn’t a problem and it turned out very well, actually. J&S’s honesty was what I liked. When somebody is straight forward with me and says this is what it’s going to cost, and that’s what it costs, I like that.

“I would recommend J&S to anybody needing to ship a car because of their honesty. Most of the transporters I was dealing with in emails and what not, they were brokers. I know that J&S actually owns their own fleet and are a licensed broker, too. It turned out that J&S didn’t actually transport it; they contracted another driver to transport it. But, dealing with brokers, you know, they’re just trying to get the deal, and J&S, to me, was trying to get my vehicle where I needed to get it.”

Thank, Kenyon. At J&S, we pride ourselves on our straight-forward communication and excellent customer service.