Vintage ’77 Jeep CJ5 transported from MT to WA for a repeat customer

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Reviews

Craig Woods used J&S before to ship a car. When he needed to ship his newly purchased vintage Jeep CJ5 from Montana to Washington, he decided to use us again.

“I used J&S once before when I had a car shipped from Phoenix, Arizona, to Auburn, WA, where I live,” says Craig. “I found you guys on the internet. I looked up automobile transportation, and I ran through the companies, got some estimates and liked yours. You were cheaper.”

“This time, I recently bought a ’77 Jeep CJ5 from a guy in Superior, MT, and needed it shipped to me in Auburn, WA.”

“Working with J&S was good. Everything was fine. The driver ran into weather problems, but what can you do about Mother Nature? There was a lot of snow where I was having it shipped from. It slowed the driver down and the original date got pushed back because of weather a couple of days, but it was no big deal. Especially because J&S called to tell me what was going on with my jeep.”

I guess what I liked best was that J&S delivered my vehicle at my front door. They were professional, and their communication was to the point. They were efficient and affordable.

I would use J&S again, and recommend them. Their price was good, the delivery was quicker than the maximum amount of time they estimated even with the weather delay and the vehicle got here undamaged.”

Thanks for the repeat business, Craig. We pride ourselves on our customer service and straightforward communication. We’ll be glad to ship your next vehicle with the same great service you’ve received the first two times.